Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Improve your bottom line while catering to your international clientele. Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) allows retailers to offer international cardholders the convenience of paying in their home currency rather than in U.S. dollars. Elavon will rebate a percentage of the foreign exchange conversion back to you on your monthly statement, resulting in a new revenue stream for your business.

Additional benefits of DCC include:

  • New Source of Revenue — When you process DCC transactions with Key Merchant Services, you get back a portion of the foreign exchange conversion fee
  • Improved Customer Service — International customers know exactly how much they are spending in their home currency
  • Seamless Process — Still one statement, one point of contact for all payment processing services
  • Complete Solution — The only end-to-end closed-loop network offered in the U.S. with direct treasury exchange rates and transaction processing, to back-end reconciliation, settlement, funding, and support
  • Unmatched Experience — Leading provider of DCC in Europe, supporting more than 12,000 merchants
  • Fewer Chargebacks — International customers’ credit cards are billed the exact amount that appears on their receipt - no surprises

Best of all, with DCC there are no activation fees, monthly fees, or monthly minimums. Getting started is easy.

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