Electronic Gift Cards (EGC) for Businesses

Electronic gift cards (EGC) for businesses can be great marketing tools to attract new customers, keep current customers coming back, and they’re safer and easier to manage than paper-based certificate programs.

Electronic Gift Cards for businesses offer many features:

Potential for increased revenue — 25% of card recipients spend more than the card value:

  • Gift cards are usually the #1 gift during the holiday season — 25% of gift cards received during the holiday season are redeemed by end of January
  • Switching from paper certificates to gift cards can result in 2-4 times the volume
  • More than 1 in 10 consumers said they will buy a gift card for their own use

Increase market share — it's much more than a gift:

  • Ideal promotional tool – discount cards mailed to target prospects or use as gift with purchase
  • Corporate incentive – companies can use gift cards as employee incentives
  • Utilize for returns instead of giving paper credits, checks, or cash
  • Sell cards at a discount to schools/non-profits

Levels of service — three customizable options sure to meet the needs of your growing business:

  • Basic cards— a quantity of 100 cards reflecting your business name, street address, and phone number is available in 5-7 business days
  • Standard cards — Choose from eight standard designs, add your business name or logo, and order the number of cards you need starting at 200
  • Custom cards — Create your own card design and order the number of cards you need, with or without carriers and envelopes, in preset quantities starting at 500

Optional program features:

  • Administrative and Reporting features — Daily Transaction Summary, Monthly Liability Report, and Cardholder Balance Inquiry (IVR) available
  • Optional features (custom cards required) — activate Service Fees, access Online Administration Tools, and Online Balance Inquiry
  • EGCs allow you to extend more payment choices to your customers while adding value to your business, expanding your market, increasing revenue, and building customer loyalty – all with electronic efficiency.