Key Merchant Services

How do your customers want to pay you? Whether they prefer shopping in the store, on their computer, or with their mobile phones, you can accept payments in multiple channels with KeyBank.

For their convenience—and your sales efficiency—customers can use debit, credit, or gift cards to pay you anytime, anywhere. And with our user-friendly processing and reporting services, you can collect those secure payments in your Key account the very next day.

Merchant Services Options

Merchant Services Mobile

Accept card payments quickly and securely, anywhere, anytime, with your smartphone or tablet.


In-Store Card Services

Use a KeyBank terminal or your own PC for credit, debit, gift and electronic benefits transfer card payments.


Virtual Merchant on the Web

Retailer Software and Internet Solutions - Merchant Services offers multiple ways to process payments with just a computer and a Web browser


Electronic Gift Cards (EGC) for Businesses

Gift cards can be great marketing tools to attract new customers, keep current customers coming back, and they’re safer and easier to manage than paper-based certificate programs. They’re the right fit for any business, regardless of size.


Dynamic Currency Conversion

DCC enables retailers to accept payments in multiple currencies, and receive a percentage of the FX fees


Reporting Solutions

Use Merchant Connect to track card payments, processing, chargebacks and more, with consolidated reporting.


Electronic Check Service (ECS)

KeyBank's ECS enables you to convert a check into an electronic transaction just like a credit card payment