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KeyBank Business Online is a user-friendly, secure environment built to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses.

Keep the daily finances of your business at your fingertips

KeyBank Business Online allows you to:

  • Deposit checks using your mobile device
  • Have multiple users and accounts
  • View checks and account statements
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay vendors and employees via the ACH network
  • Pay loans and lines of credit

With KeyBank Business Online, you’ll also get access to these powerful features:

  • Simple navigation, starting with single sign on
  • Option to show Key personal accounts in business view
  • Alerts you can setup to better monitor your accounts
  • Enhanced Pay with ACH abilities, built to give you more flexibility and control

Learn more in the Full ACH Guide

See KeyBank Business Online in Action

Learn how to navigate the new platform to manage your accounts

KeyBank Business Online Service Charges

Pay with ACH
  • Service Fees: $10 per month, plus per transaction fees
    • $0.50 per transaction
  • Same Day ACH Fees: $25 per month, plus per transaction fees
    • $0.50 per transaction
    • $0.25 per Same Day transaction
Collect Returned Items
  • No Monthly Service Fee
    • $3.00 per item fee for each redeposit attempt, which could be electronic (RCK) or through the conventional check-clearing process
Important Details
  • Additional fees may apply. See your Deposit Account Fee Disclosure for information.
  • Fees are applied to the account within ten business days after the month they are incurred. Detailed information will be available in the monthly deposit account statement.
  • If the enrolling account for KeyBank Business Online® is a Business Checking Account and has an Earnings Credit Allowance, the following conditions apply.
    • The account will be converted to Account Analysis for KeyBank Business Online Premium Services' billing
    • A monthly Account Analysis fee will be applied to the account
    • A monthly Account Analysis Statement will be sent to the statement address for the account

Earn Rewards for Checking with Us

Earn Rewards for Checking with Us
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For an Easier Way to Track and Manage Expenses

For an Easier Way to Track and Manage Expenses


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All credit products are subject to credit approval. is a federally registered service mark of KeyCorp.

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