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Diverse organizations focused on equity and inclusion are naturally more well-rounded and in tune with the world around us. Learn how to advance these important principles in your business and life.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

The Pandemic Has Affected Black and Latinx Women Differently: Here’s What You Need to Know

Research shows that the pandemic has been especially burdensome to working women. For Blank and Latinx women, the negative effects are disproportionately higher. Learn the steps business owners can take now to create a culture that supports minority women at work.

March 2021
Leadership Skills

Podcast - How to Elevate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Your Workplace

Diversity, equity and inclusion are about more than policies and hiring quotas to fill. They’re about giving all employees a real seat at the table. This work requires companies to look within and ask if they’re fostering an inclusive culture. It may not be comfortable work, but it’s necessary, both in fairness and in your organization’s ability to reach its full potential.

August 2020
Leadership Skills

Starting Meaningful Conversations About Racial Inequity

Conversations about racial inequity are happening all around us – at home, with friends and at work. The Key4Women team has put together some tips to help you prepare to be an integral part of these important discussions.

August 2020
Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Navigating COVID-19: Practical Advice from a Key4Women Expert – Julie Kratz

The extended Key4Women® team is busy leaning in to bring practical advice to others during this time of disruption resulting from COVID-19. In this edition of the Key4Women Advice Series, Julie Kratz, CEO of Next Pivot Point, shares her perspective on working through the challenges we currently face.

June 2020
Mentoring & Networking

The Importance of Becoming a Certified Women-Owned Business

Continued business success and growth doesn’t just happen. It takes preparation, presence, and commitment. A winning path comes only with ongoing education and a nimble mindset that allows an entrepreneur, owner, or leader to look at the business from both inside and out to find ways to improve.

March 2020
Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Infographic - Glass Ceilings Were Made to be Broken

Since 2005, Key4Women has been breaking through glass ceilings and making paths for more women to do more than ever before. We’re not alone. And from the numbers we see, nobody’s slowing down now.

February 2020
Leadership Skills

Podcast - A Look Back on the Progress of Women in Business

2020 marks an exciting milestone for Key4Women® – our 15th anniversary. Since 2005, we have helped business women reach their financial goals with access to capital, advocacy, connections, and empowerment. We’ve supported women in their efforts to bridge both the gender and economic gaps they face. And we couldn’t be prouder of the success stories of the amazing women in our network.

February 2020
Leadership Skills

The Rise of Women: How to Play Your Part

The "Rise of Women" got its momentum in 2018. A record number of women were elected to Congress and more female faces could be found on the boards of Fortune 500 companies. Keeping the movement going, however, will take continued work. Learn how you can do your part with four simple steps that keep women rising.

October 2019
Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Women in Venture Capital: Is the Gap Closing?

As more companies are being founded and led by women, is the barrier to accessing capital for those companies closing as well? While studies have proven that greater gender diversity leads to higher profits, what does the current landscape look like and are we seeing that change take place?

September 2019
Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Spotlight - Dr. Linda LeMura on Leaving a Legacy

Le Moyne College President Dr. Linda M. LeMura, winner of the Syracuse Key4Women Achieve Award explains innovation, the reasons why diversity matters, and her legacy.

July 2019
Leadership Skills

Combating Stereotypes That Come With Being A Woman Leader

For women leaders, combating long-held biases head-on can be the most productive way to effect lasting change. By creating a company-wide system of support and accountability, they can build a company culture that thrives on talent over identity.

July 2019
Mentoring & Networking

The Greatest Barriers for Women of Color Business Owners

Women of color are starting more businesses than ever before, and yet they still face numerous barriers. Understanding what those difficulties are and what can be done to overcome those barriers is critical to their long-term growth and development.

July 2019

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