Embedded Banking

Modern platforms, flexible technology, expert guidance.

Modern platforms require flexible technology combined with deep banking expertise. We’ve built both. Our full suite of embedded banking tools and services is built on flexible APIs and empowers platform growth through payments, treasury, risk and lending.

Benefits of KeyBank Embedded Banking

KeyBank offers a unique combination of financial technology, mature banking capabilities, modern risk management and servicing—all through a single partner.

  • Build Your FinTech
    Choose from a full suite of embedded banking tools and services built on flexible APIs to empower platform growth.
  • Consult with Industry Experts
    Give your customers a seamless digital experience, built with a human touch by our team of experts to simplify compliance and innovate platforms.
  • Improve Economics
    Take advantage of data-driven expertise to help platforms monetize features, release trapped liquidity, reduce costs of ownership and increase valuation.
  • Simplify Scaling
    Remove the friction caused by complex ecosystems with an end-to-end bank-led solution.

Our Seamless Solutions Include

Robust Developer Portal

Integrated Payment Options

ERP Reconciliation

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