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Mitigate Risks

Resources to help minimize your organization’s risk.

Protecting your company’s data: special treatment for privileged access

When it comes to data breaches and other cybercrime, advanced attackers often abuse privileged access credentials to get to an organization’s sensitive data, infrastructure and systems. And with more and more companies relying on high volumes of data to run both front- and back-office operations, keeping that sensitive information secure is mission critical. Learn more about privileged access and how to manage it to protect your organization’s private data.

Malware has gone mobile – here’s how to protect your business

With more companies embracing remote work and flexible schedules, the number of people using a mobile device for work—whether personal or employer-provided—is higher than ever. The BYOD (“bring your own device”) approach is increasingly common in settings from corporate offices to mom-and-pop retailers. But with mobile malware and malicious apps on the rise, employees might be bringing more than just their smartphones into their work environments. Learn about the different software and apps to watch out for, how they infect mobile devices, and how to protect your business.

Avoid being duped by deepfakes

When you hear the term “deepfake,” you probably think of hackers digitally manipulating videos of celebrities and political leaders to spread disinformation via social media. However, deepfakes also present an emerging threat to businesses as cybercriminals leverage this technology to commit fraud and identity theft. It’s important to understand how deepfakes work, be aware of red flags, and plan ahead to protect your business.

A cure for what ails healthcare procurement

KeyBank has partnered with GHX (Global Health Exchange), the leading provider of cloud-based supply chain automation software solutions to the healthcare sector, to bring its clients a best-in-class electronic exchange network that connects healthcare providers with leading suppliers of medical products.

Help your business have a joyful and fraud-free holiday season

For many businesses, the holidays can be a time of heightened activity and increased sales coupled with temporary staffing or vacation coverage, and disrupted and hectic routines – all things that can put a business at greater risk for fraud.

How fraudsters use social engineering webinar

In this informative and collaborative session, experts Patrick Gannon, Information Security Director from KeyBank and Costa Petros, Security Consultant from TrustedSec.

Listen: FinTech payments trends and innovation

FinTech trends, specifically within payments innovation, are constantly evolving around solving process flows for a more streamlined experience for companies and individuals alike.

Take an active approach to your business security plans and controls

The constantly evolving landscape of cyberspace means big growth opportunities for hackers, criminals, and terrorists. From internal correspondence to operational systems and payment systems to collection of customer data, cybercrime can be a real threat for any organization where technology impacts business operations every day.

Managing and securing identities is the new tech trajectory

Digital identity, zero trust security, and the blurring of lines between access management and identity governance were topics of discussion during the 2021 KeyBanc Capital Markets (KBCM) Tech Leadership Forum

Prevent and treat ransomware attacks

Companies manage incredible amounts of sensitive data about their employees, clients, processes and products. At the same time, information technology (IT) is not always at the core of what they do – caring for clients is.

What to do if your business is a victim of fraud or malware

Take action to minimize the impact to your business. The threat of fraud evolves as much as the technologies we use for online banking. The following includes tips and actionable suggestions to help you if you’ve become a victim.

Cybersecurity 101: how to prepare for a data breach

Cyber fraud is on the rise and an increasing concern for business leaders. Being prepared for a data breach can help mitigate the future impact on your company. Follow these three important steps to get your business ready for a potential breach.

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