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Delivering thought-provoking ideas and flawless execution.

KeyBanc Capital Markets® provides a wealth of knowledge, helping us bring innovative financial solutions to the table so you can take advantage of every opportunity. We then follow through with flawless execution so you can get back to business.

KeyBank’s Risk Management product professionals team up with our client-industry specialists or local Relationship Manager. Together, the team will work with you to structure solutions that address your business’ unique exposures and help to reduce risk.

Recent Deals

KeyBanc Capital Markets® provides derivative solutions to companies in a range of industries. Examples include:

  • An independent power producer implemented pay-fixed interest rate Swaps to lock in long-term financing on three wind power projects
  • A parking operator entered a callable swap to fix the interest rate across a portfolio of debt facilities and achieve flexibility to sell single properties as needed without additional fees.
  • An oil & gas production company used a financial contract to sell forward a portion of its natural gas production for 10 years, ensuring adequate returns on invested capital and predictable future cash flow


Our solutions can be particularly meaningful to:


Interest Rate Hedging

Commonly hedged exposures include:

  • Variable interest rates on outstanding debt
  • Changes in interest rates leading up to future debt issuance
  • Managing a company’s fixed/floating debt ratio
  • Differences in international interest rates or long-term foreign investments

Our capabilities include:

  • Interest rate Swaps
  • Interest rate options
  • Collars & corridors
  • Cancellable Swaps
  • Cross-currency Swaps
  • Swaptions
  • Treasury locks & cash-settled Swaps

Commodity Hedging

Commonly hedged exposures include:

  • Sale price of future oil and gas production
  • Future purchase price of fuel for service fleet or manufacturing
  • Future purchase price of product inputs
Our capabilities include:
  • Crude oil (WTI, Brent, LLS)
  • Natural gas (including basis)
  • Diesel (NYMEX, DOE, USGC)
  • Gasoline (NYMEX, DOE)
  • Jet fuel
  • Heavy fuel oil
  • NGL’s (natural gas liquids)
  • LME aluminum
  • Midwest aluminum premium
  • Copper (LME, NYMEX)
  • Lead
  • Nickel
  • Tin
  • NYMEX HRC steel
  • Zinc


Customized Industry Financing Options

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Unmatched Tech Industry Expertise

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KeyBanc Capital Markets is a trade name under which corporate and investment banking products and services of KeyCorp® and its subsidiaries, KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, and KeyBank National Association (“KeyBank N.A.”), are marketed. Securities products and services are offered by KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc. and its licensed securities representatives, who may also be employees of KeyBank N.A. Banking products and services are offered by KeyBank N.A.

KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc. is not acting as a municipal advisor or fiduciary and any opinions, views or information herein is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, advice within the meaning of Section 15B of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

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