NerdWallet CFO shares recent IPO journey

June 2022

I'm Lauren StClair, the Chief Financial Officer at NerdWallet. I've been at NerdWallet for just about 15 months, and prior to joining NerdWallet I spent 13 and a half years at e-Bay across a variety of different business units.

I worked at PayPal, worked at StubHub... And I worked in a number of different finance roles throughout my time there.

NerdWallet, our company culture is incredibly important to us, and being candid and transparent and open, and putting, sort of, the consumer and the team ahead of yourself is something that we value. And when we were doing the RFP process and we were assessing who we wanted on our team, what stood out for me with the KeyBanc folks was... Super hard work, they really dove in and understood the story and the message that we were trying to say, and I think they delivered one of the best pitches in terms of how we should position ourself.

The KeyBanc team also used personal narratives and they used user stories and journeys to help tell the story that we were trying to tell, and so that was something that impressed us quite a bit, and that's why we wanted them on the team.

The KeyBanc team has been, basically, phenomenal for us. They've been there every step of the way, up and through the IPO and what to expect the night before, even the day of... And then right after, in terms of how do you get out in front of investors? How do you continue to tell the story? How do you continue to have a really high say-do ratio? They helped us quite a bit on our first earning calls. Going through materials ahead of time. Helping us with Q and A and just providing, sort of, that outside-in view on what we can expect, and also how they thought investors would react to the narrative and the story we were telling.

CFO Lauren StClair describes the company's experience taking NerdWallet public via an IPO with KeyBanc Capital Markets. Listen in to learn more.

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