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Using the PayeeWeb Portal

Welcome to the new PayeeWeb benefits portal, we're glad you're here. This video is designed to walk you through the features of the simple, yet powerful new portal where you can seamlessly manage your pensioner or retirement benefits. All right, we're ready to set up our account, so let's get started.

First, we'll need to visit\payeeweb. Once there, we'll need to go through a few quick steps to set up and secure your account. Use the PayeeWeb credentials provided in the two separate new payee access letters you received from KeyBank. You should have received one for your user ID and a separate letter for your password. As a best practice, make sure to write down your login ID as you will always need this when you log in to PayeeWeb. From here, click the login button.

On the security questions credential creation screen, use the dropdown menus to select three security questions then enter your answers to the security questions. Make sure to remember the answers to the questions you selected as these may be used in future logins or when you change your passwords.

Click the submit button, you'll be taken back to the initial login screen. Next, we'll want to change the temporary password provided by KeyBank to a password you will remember. To do that, let's enter your login ID and then click the forgot password link.

On the next page, you'll need to answer the security questions you provided just a few minutes ago then click the submit button. On the password reset screen, enter your new password, be sure to follow the password requirements displayed on the screen. Please make sure to remember your new password for future use when you log in. Click the submit button and you'll be taken back to the initial login screen where you enter your login ID and your new password to enter the PayeeWeb portal.

Now that you've gone through the account setup process, let's get you logged in, enter your login ID and your password then click the login button.

Welcome to the PayeeWeb portal homepage. Use this dashboard to navigate and locate the information you need. Some of this information includes account information which includes your year to date gross amounts, debt amounts and deductions. Check history, a user-friendly check history records showing payment you have received, tax forms, access current and previous year's tax forms and other critical benefit information. We'll run through some of these functions in greater detail next. So, let's dive into a few of these areas.

First, we'll look at them more information button under recurring distributions. Here you can access more detailed information related to your pension installment payments including active payment address, frequency of payments, last payment and next payment, when installments started and when they stopped, detailed distribution information such as gross income, taxable income and more.

Next, we'll take a quick look at the check history section. This shows a view of all checks or electronic funds transfers also known as EFTs since you started to receive benefits for your pension plan. Select the view link to see additional details about individual checks or EFTs.

Now we'll take a look at the tax forms area. This page provides a view of any tax forms for the current or prior years typically 1099 R-Forms. Select the view link to open the tax form details screen. The 1099 R-Details screen shows both individual information details and financial information details listing individual tax box information allowing for easy and simple filing. The Download 1099-R button in the upper right corner of the 1099 R-Details screen will open a copy of your tax form that you can print or save.

Now let's review the top user navigation menu on the home page, we'll start with the address page. Click address in the top navigation menu to view your current address. If your plan sponsor has authorized you to update or change your address information in PayeeWeb, you will see an update button that opens the screen to enter your new address. Once you have entered your new address, click the update button. Please note if you're moving to another state, you will have to contact KeyBanks Pensioner Information Line at 1-800-962-2149.

Next, you can click direct deposit in the top navigation menu to view your direct deposit information. If your plan sponsor has authorized you to update your direct deposit information in PayeeWeb, you will see a stop EFT button and an update button which will open the screen to enter new direct deposit information. Once you have updated the form field information, click the update button to update your profile. Please note, double check the routing and transit number field. If this field is incorrect, it could result in delayed payment. Routing numbers are validated as part of this process, you will receive an invalid routing number notification if the number entered does not exist.

Next, we'll take a look at the deductions page. Click deductions on the home page at the top of your screen. On this page, we can view federal and state tax withholding, tax filing status and other deductions associated with your payments. To update your current elections, contact KeyBanks Pensioner Information Line at 1-800-962-2149.

Finally, we'll take a look at the contact us page. Here, we have the phone and email contacts for additional assistance with navigating in using PayeeWeb. For questions regarding your payments over the phone, again, please call that KeyBanks Pensioner Information Line mentioned earlier at 1-800-962-2149. For mail outreach, please reach us at our address which is KeyBank National Association, Employee Benefit Disbursements, P O Box 94717, Cleveland Ohio 44101-4717.

Now you're ready to log in and begin using PayeeWeb. This concludes our training video on how to use the PayeeWeb benefits portal. For more assistance in navigating or using the PayeeWeb portal, contact our Pensioner Information Line again at 1-800-962-2149.

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For questions or additional assistance in navigating the portal, contact our dedicated pensioner information line at 1 (800) 962-2149.

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