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Global Treasury Management Solutions

Liquidity and funds management becomes exponentially more complex when doing business internationally. Not only are multiple currencies involved, but there is also an increased need to manage payables and receivables with more variables, from new import and export partners, to increased supply chain management complexities.

Our foreign correspondent banks will work with our U.S. offices to help you navigate risk in the fast-changing global marketplace, and to ensure the sound financial management you conduct at home translates into your international business ventures.

We offer a range of FX, international payment and global treasury management solutions including:

Export Services

Today's high-growth emerging markets spell more opportunity than ever for U.S. business leaders looking to expand revenues in new marketplaces. KeyBank international financing specialists supply the tools and expertise to help you expand your role on the international business stage.

Our strong global relationships, coupled with many years of outstanding industry reviews, make us uniquely positioned to provide financial support for exports across the globe, from currency hedging and letters of credit to pre-shipment documentation and documentary collections.

Once we listen and learn the details of your exporting needs, our experts will develop a customized plan to minimize financial risks and accelerate your foreign receivables, providing you with the assurance of complete transaction integrity every time.

Finance Export Working Capital

Increase your sales potential in the global marketplace with KeyBank’s export trade finance programs. Our international financing experts will help you export to new and emerging markets with confidence using competitive financing programs that support your working capital requirements, offering the liquidity you need to grow your business.

Our dedicated professionals will help you successfully navigate the world of U.S. Export-Import Bank programs, which provide pre-shipment financing, export credit insurance, and guarantee programs that can boost sales to your overseas customers.

Your business can also leverage KeyBank’s “Delegated Lending Authority” status, which expedites credit decision process and funding. This level of distinction awarded by the Export-Import Bank reflects our expertise, track record and capabilities.

Finance Foreign Buyers of U.S.

Supporting international expansion means offering financing options to qualified buyers of US goods. Clients of US businesses can turn to Key for financing, helping both parties to close international transactions. With extensive experience in the global marketplace, our international financing experts will customize a financing package for the buyer, offering export credit insurance from the Import-Export Bank of the United States (“Ex-Im Bank”).

Upon application approval, our experts work with you and all stakeholders to move the application through the Ex-Im Bank process as rapidly and smoothly as possible. After approval and a required 15 percent down-payment prior to shipment, the Medium-Term Export Credit Insurance program can typically finance up to $10 million in purchases, offering equal semi-annual payments of principal for up to five years. It also offers interest rates and fees that vary according to risk, and covers non-payment to the exporter up to 100%.

Import Services

Whether you are a veteran importer or are launching a new initiative to purchase goods or services from foreign suppliers, our KeyBank Foreign Exchange and International Trade experts will assist you with the development of a supply chain strategy that provides you with control over your sourcing activities and sound financing terms.

As one of the industry's leading international payment service providers, KeyBank can facilitate the structuring of standard or special purpose letters of credit along with payment terms to accommodate your purchasing requirements.

With this customized service, you will receive tools to help you more efficiently plan, evaluate and mitigate risk, and develop even stronger financial tools for new business growth. With import letters of credit, you are assuring payment to cross-border suppliers upon presentation of appropriate documents, and Key makes the transaction completion easy and efficient.

International Collections

Collecting receivables can carry significant risk in a new market or doing business with a new buyer. Our international specialists help identify the payment collection approach that best fits your business—and your partners. In addition to letters of credit, open account, or cash-in-advance processes, we can also facilitate structured transactions including:

  • Sight Collection (sight draft): Buyer pays their local bank in exchange for documents that allow them to claim purchased goods. Until they make payment, the bank holds both title and physical control of the merchandise.
  • Time Collection (time draft): Time drafts and seller’s shipping documents go through seller’s bank to buyer’s bank outlining delivery terms. Buyer promises their bank they will make a payment in exchange for documents that allow them to take control of the seller’s goods. On the future due date, buyer makes final payment.
  • Clean Collections: The seller presents a bill of exchange, promissory note or other financial documents in demand for prompt payment.

International Training and Consulting

To support your international business success, KeyBank has developed an innovative training and consulting program to help you identify and maximize market opportunities worldwide.

Our cross-border finance professionals have spent decades developing our vast international network, always monitoring global economic and political trends to provide you with the most accurate, informed advisory services available.

As information consultants, we arm you with the benefits of our global relationships, leveraging them to provide commercial clients with insight into financial markets and potential business risks around the world.

And to give you the tools you need to make the most informed decisions in today's fast-changing global economy, we offer educational seminars and training sessions. These customizable programs drive your company success, whether you are beginning global expansion or have operated internationally for decades.


Globalization has led an increasing number of businesses into the foreign exchange (FX) markets. Our professionals and advanced technology platform help minimize currency risk in a volatile world economic environment. Our solutions can include:

  • Transaction Services: We execute spot and forward contracts, swap and maturity window contracts, currency options, non-deliverable forwards and foreign currency loans.
  • Key2FX: Our online foreign exchange platform provides advanced reporting, live online transaction execution, robust security and the ability to initiate spot, forward, swaps and window contracts.
  • Services: We offer assistance with development of risk-management policies, procedures, and strategies. We also provide market commentary and analysis, and monitoring of currency rates.
  • Technology Services: We monitor currency movements and provide short and long-term technical analyses to support risk management strategies. Our integrated settlement process enables us to deliver reliable and accurate transaction confirmations within minutes.
  • Operational Services: Our attention to detail ensures prompt and accurate FX transaction settlement.

Letters of Credit (Payables)

Purchasing goods or services from new suppliers can cut your costs or expand your product offers. To make it so, however, you need the right financing and payment systems in place. As an importer, a strong letter of credit from KeyBank for significant customers at home and abroad can give your company an important advantage, demonstrating proof of liquidity and ongoing cash flow.

Whether you need a regular or special purpose letter of credit, this important tool will assure payment to the most reputable suppliers, helping ensure the quality product or service you need. Additionally, KeyBank international finance experts can assist in your strategic planning by offering smart payment terms, risk evaluation, and accounts payable alignment—all to help you further grow your successful business.

Letters of Credit (Receivables)

Today’s fast-moving marketplace presents business leaders with opportunities for growth that require an assessment of the financial and other risks involved with cross-border sales. As an exporter, letters of credit advised by KeyBank can mitigate risks associated with both your domestic and international transactions. Our international finance experts provide the financial tools you need to support your business strategy and mitigate payment risk by using letters of credit and other related services. Our advisory services can help you maximize the benefits of using letters of credit. We provide local expertise along with global connections.

Multicurrency Accounts

Expanding business beyond its current borders is one of the best ways to put your goods and services on the map. KeyBank's industry-leading Multicurrency Accounts enable your business to consolidate all your foreign currency management into one robust, user-friendly interface. This online platform allows you to fulfill a range of international transactional obligations and cost-effectively initiate and receive payments in most major international denominations.

Your Multicurrency Account will not only streamline your international payment process with customized reports and authorized user control, it will also effectively reduce the risk associated with currency conversions and increase profitability. Our international financing experts are standing by to help catapult your foreign business operations to new levels of success.

International Trade Finance

Smart financing drives the success of any international trade enterprise. Minimize financial risk and increase profitability in your expanding business with KeyBank's tailor-made International Trade Finance services.

Our expert trade finance advisors will supply you with both the liquidity and the confidence you need to take on new international orders and compete more effectively in the global arena, customizing a comprehensive portfolio of financial solutions from the following tools:

  • Export-Import Bank Working Capital Guarantee: Accelerate overseas transactions with pre-export working capital.
  • Export-Import Bank Medium-Term Financing: U.S. exporters can offer overseas buyers attractive financing terms and reduce non-payment risks.
  • Structured Trade Finance: This suite of financial solutions includes deferred payment financing and confirmed amortizing letters of credit.

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Fraud & Security

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Protecting your company from fraud and business identity theft is a critical component of every treasury management system. According to the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) 2015 Fraud and Control survey, 62% of respondents said they had experienced attempted or actual payment fraud in 2014.

Our relationship managers work with you to leverage Key’s fraud protection and information security resources to protect your company and its operations. Regularly updated systems designed to protect you and your customers can greatly reduce vulnerability to online fraud that leads to crimes like identity theft.

To help you keep your business information secure, we offer multiple ways to protect your accounts and the sensitive information related to them such as personal information of customers and employees. For more information, you can download our helpful white paper that provides actionable suggestions and a checklist of tips for protecting your business.

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