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Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Streamline your accounting processes and take greater control of cash flow

KeyBank is one of the largest ACH Originating Financial Institutions in the U.S. Our automated clearing house services can help to improve your company's cash management forecasting initiative by eliminating reconcilement processes associated with paper checks.

ACH is a safer and faster way to make and receive payments.

Key ACH services can help you optimize these important processes

  • Direct deposit of payroll, dividends, and pensions
  • Collection of premiums, dues, and invoices/bills
  • Disbursements to fund payroll or operating accounts
  • Cash concentration of retail deposits
  • Corporate payments
  • Federal and state payments

Features and Benefits

  • Send your NACHA-formatted files directly via transmission, or create your ACH entries online using our secured Key Total Treasury (KTT) site
  • Access KTT through your current internet connection to make ACH entries online - no special software is required
  • Send single or recurring debit or credit entries to consumers or other companies to satisfy payment obligations
  • Control the timing of your payments - funds are available within 1-2 business days
  • Streamlines your A/P and A/R functions, and improve cash flow forecasting by eliminating paper checks
  • Eliminate costs associated with the preparation, delivery, and reconcilement of checks
  • Keep account information up-to-date with same-day or next-day reporting on incoming and outgoing entries
  • Eliminate costs associated with traditional deposit processing methods, such as postage, handling, supplies, etc.
  • Protect your account against fraudulent activity with our EPA (Electronic Payment Authorization) service, which prevents unauthorized debit entries
  • Participate in new ACH applications that convert paper checks into ACH debits for faster payment collection

How It Works

  • You deliver your payment data to Key by transmission or via Key Total Treasury
  • We securely transmit debit and credit entries to the ACH Network
  • Entries are distributed to the receiving financial institutions for posting to the designated consumer and business accounts
  • You can receive confirmation reports of your payments for reconcilement

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