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Account Analysis

Get detailed information on your deposit accounts while building a strong audit trail

Our Deposit (DDA) Account Analysis statements provide descriptive information, as well as a summary of balances and service charge activity, of your Key accounts and services. It also enables you to offset your fees with combined balances.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides itemized information on your accounts and balances
  • Helps maximize allowance credit by allowing you to link accounts to pool balances from multiple checking accounts
  • Supplies you with historical information on a calendar-year basis so you can easily track your balance and service usage for your corporate cash flow planning
  • Offers an alternate way to pay your banking service charges by applying an earnings allowance to the balances you keep in your checking account

How It Works

  • We mail your Account Analysis statement within ten business days of month's end
  • The statement includes itemized information about your accounts and balances, and provides a clear summary of maintenance fees and service charges

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