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Positive Pay

Identify and reduce check fraud and check errors quickly

Check fraud can really slow down your business, especially when you have to wait for your monthly statement to find out whether fraud has even occurred. Our Positive Pay service can speed things up. We look for check fraud on a daily basis and put you back in charge of your disbursement process.

Features and Benefits

  • Same and Next Day levels of service
  • Daily Positive Pay mismatch report via Key Total Treasury® of any suspected fraudulent items
  • Option to view the image of any suspect items (CDA items only)
  • Ability to place a stop payment (Same Day) or return (Next Day) on any suspect items
  • Access to a specialty fraud group with a dedicated fraud prevention hotline, staffed by KeyBank security

How It Works

  • As you issue checks, you provide us with the check number, dollar amount and issue date of each item you write
  • As your checks are presented to us for payment, we electronically compare each check to your issue information
  • Any items that do not match are presented to you on a Mismatch Report via Key Total Treasury
  • You then have the ability to view an image of the item and make a payment decision

Need additional help?

SecurePay2000 is a quick and easy way to transmit Positive Pay files to Key in the required file specifications and transmission format. As a result of our partnership with AcuPrint Technology, you can now enjoy the benefits of a unique software product that incorporates a seamless integration with your accounting and computer platforms.

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