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Business Growth & Strategy

Economic Oulook

First Quarter 2019

Some believe the strong second quarter gross domestic product (GDP) report proves the US economy has finally overcome the sluggish growth of this economic cycle. Certainly, the combination of lower taxes, reduced regulation, and increased federal spending have provided a strong tailwind for the economy this year.

February 2019
Business Growth & Strategy

Building Your Brand to Create Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are built with the right mix of product, price and service and they're sustained with consistent messaging that inspires them to remain loyal. Read our whitepaper to learn more about how you can build your brand and create customer loyalty.

January 2019
Business Growth & Strategy

Small Businesses and Financial Wellness: KeyBank Business Forum Sentiment Survey

When most people think about wellness, not surprisingly, what comes to mind first are topics like mental and physical health, work/life balance, and mindfulness. But financial wellness is a key contributor to overall happiness. In fact, financial stressors tend to have a negative impact on health and wellness.

November 2018
Business Growth & Strategy

Online Payment Systems and the Rise of Electronic Commercial Payments

ECP is quickly becoming a viable alternative to traditional accounts payable. Here's a look at the advantages of online payment systems.

August 2018
Business Growth & Strategy

KeyBank Announces 2018 "Small Business is Key" Grant Winners

In recognition of Small Business Month, KeyBank awards $70,000 in grants to small businesses that give back to the community. This year, 14 regional winners were chosen to receive $5,000 grants.

May 2018
Business Growth & Strategy

Establishing the Framework of a Business Acquisition

Preparing to buy a business requires an objective and tactical approach on many levels. Proper planning starts with a straightforward appraisal of the financial health, wherewithal and capacity of your organization to absorb another company with minimal disruption to either ecosystems.

March 2018
Business Growth & Strategy

Is Self-Funding the Future of Small Business Health Insurance?

Understanding small business health insurance is something most small business owners perceive as complex and an expense over which they have little control.

March 2018
Business Growth & Strategy

The Cost Savings of Digital Payments

Digital payments are a key fixture in the revolution of convenience. Businesses that can’t accommodate this change risk losing revenues to competitors who can. Fortunately, the costs of integration have fallen dramatically, putting it well within the reach of all businesses.

March 2018
Business Growth & Strategy

Answering the Key Business Real Estate Question: Buy or Lease?

When it comes to real estate, finding an ideal business location is often complicated by the question of whether to buy or lease commercial space.

June 2017

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