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Key Healthcare® applies the full resources of KeyBank to help nearly 10,000 healthcare organizations, practices and facilities across the U.S. stay competitive while delivering the highest quality care.

Combining a holistic approach with deep industry expertise, we generate ideas to help your practice grow. We deliver tailored, strategic solutions that can strengthen your organization, streamline your processes and enhance the financial well-being of both you and your staff.

Your Practice

Key Healthcare’s deep industry expertise as it relates to your practice


From small hospitals to large systems, today’s healthcare organizations need to do more with less — and to do it better. An environment of falling reimbursements and constant regulatory change calls for increased efficiencies and an optimized capital structure.

You may be seeking to grow through acquisition, to modernize your facilities or equipment, to partner with other providers, or to optimize your revenue cycle and reduce costs.

Key Healthcare takes a consultative approach to your business. We engage you in a conversation, listen to your needs, and offer holistic solutions designed to strengthen your organization and create efficiencies in your process.

We’ll develop proactive strategies to keep your organization viable, help you attract and retain high-quality staff, mitigate your risks, and provide you with the financial tools you need to deliver the best possible care for your community.


Managing your treasury

Key goes beyond traditional cash management to help you meet your unique revenue and payment cycle needs.

We start with a strategic review of your existing treasury management system, addressing your technical requirements for receiving payments, and analyzing payment trends and patient behavioral factors. We’ll discover new ways to improve your revenue cycle management, and help you implement solutions designed to meet both your day-to-day and long-term objectives.

Solutions include:

  • Payment management
  • Patient payments
  • Key Merchant Services
  • Investment management
  • Custody and administrative services


Finding creative financing opportunities

We can help you gain access to capital, improve your liquidity, stay competitive through growth or expansion, and stay compliant with changing regulations.

Solutions include:

  • Direct lending
    • Lines of credit, revolving credit, term loans
    • Private Placement tax exempt term loans
  • Debt restructuring
  • Tax-oriented financing/tax-exempt bonds
  • Direct pay letters of credit
  • Leasing
    • Taxable and tax-exempt
  • Underwriting
    • Long/short-term; tax-exempt/taxable; fixed/variable rate; bond, note and COPs issuance/remarketing
  • Advisory and analytical services
    • M&A advisory; fairness opinions
    • Debt profiling; bond structuring; credit benchmarking; rating agency assistance
    • Analyses of: refunding/refinancing; financial ratio; debt capacity/coverage; pricing and secondary market
    • Outstanding services
  • Bank direct purchase and private placement
  • Monetizing fixed assets
    • Sale and leaseback


Mitigating your risk

No healthcare organization can be financially successful without taking risks. While most of these risks are ultimately financial, it’s productive to address and understand the underlying causes of various types of exposures. These can be everything from credit, capital, or revenue concerns to regulatory or reputational issues.

Key’s holistic approach helps your organization to gauge an appropriate level of various types of exposures, and effectively hedge against undesirable outcomes.

Solutions include:

  • Asset-protection trusts
  • Captive insurance companies
  • Property, casualty, life, and liability insurance


Attracting and retaining a high-quality staff

Offering your employees value-added products and services makes your organization a more attractive place to work.

We help you provide your staff with competitive, cost-effective benefits, as well as discounted banking and tailored lending programs. For your physicians, Key also offers comprehensive estate planning services, including investment management strategies for growing, protecting, and transitioning their personal wealth.

Wealth strategies for physicians:

  • Financial and retirement planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Trust and estate planning

Employee benefit strategies:

  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Performance rewards and incentives
  • Retirement planning

Traditional banking solutions:

  • Discounted banking programs
  • Mortgages and automotive financing
  • Private banking
  • Custom mortgage program


Healthcare reform, changing reimbursement models, and the trend toward consolidation make operating a private practice more challenging than ever before. Key Healthcare provides you with a dedicated team that seamlessly applies the resources of our entire bank—delivering creative solutions for both you and your practice.

By finding you financing for equipment and infrastructure upgrades, streamlining your treasury services, safeguarding your business, and enhancing your employee benefits package, we can help your practice thrive. And from your residency through your retirement, we take an enterprise approach to understand your business and personal assets. We'll help you grow, protect and transition your personal assets through our comprehensive wealth management services, tax and insurance strategies1, and succession planning capabilities.

Our Solutions

Key Healthcare provides clients a full range of healthcare specific solutions to help turn complex needs into efficient, streamlined systems.


At each stage of your career, you have different financial needs. You may be purchasing or founding a practice. You may need help with making investments in equipment and enhanced technology, with collecting receivables on a timely basis, or with gaining access to working capital. You may want to offer better benefits to your employees, or be thinking about the best way to grow and protect your wealth. We take an enterprise approach to address your personal and business finances as a combined financial enterprise, and then deliver a broad selection of financing solutions, tax and insurance strategies1, and wealth management services to help you reach your financial goals.

Our Solutions

Key Healthcare provides clients a full range of healthcare specific solutions to help turn complex needs into efficient, streamlined systems.


As your organization confronts the dual challenges of higher medical acuity levels and falling reimbursement rates, sound financing and advisory services are more important than ever.

For more than two decades, our real estate capital healthcare group has provided organizations like yours with consulting and access to capital. We offer an expansive array of solutions for borrowers seeking to acquire, refinance, or develop healthcare properties. Additionally, we offer investment opportunities in the form of commercial real estate debt and equity capital through KeyBank Capital Markets Inc. Our integrated team combines in-depth industry experience with reliable execution to help organizations like yours achieve their goals.

Our Solutions

Key Healthcare provides clients a full range of healthcare specific solutions to help turn complex needs into efficient, streamlined systems.


Increased government regulation, a rapidly changing economic environment, industry consolidation, and the rising clout of large hospitals and insurance companies are all changing the nature of your business.

We can help you adapt and thrive. Whether you need to acquire real estate, modernize your infrastructure, finance equipment and technology upgrades, streamline your treasury services, or enhance your employee benefits, Key Healthcare offers a wealth of solutions that help you deliver the best care in the most efficient way.

Our Solutions

Key Healthcare provides clients a full range of healthcare specific solutions to help turn complex needs into efficient, streamlined systems.

Our Solutions

Key Healthcare offers customized solutions to the most common issues and unique challenges facing your business

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