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Cybercriminals target credit card processing: protect your business from merchant account fraud

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Prevent and Treat Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Systems

With cybercriminals increasingly targeting healthcare providers and hospitals, now is the time to make sure your systems have the right prevention measures in place.

March 2021 Prevent and Treat Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Systems
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Check Your Email for Criminal Compromise

Emails are a necessary part of business, which means protecting your company from fraud or loss due to business email compromise (BEC) is necessary, too. Dive into how you can help protect your company from this risk.

May 2021 Check Your Email for Criminal Compromise
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Eye on webcam hacking and malicious browser messages

People are spending more time online than ever before. Hackers are targeting the way we live now, exploiting the changing ways we find information, communicate with one another, and conduct our work.

May 2021 Eye on webcam hacking and malicious browser messages
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Take Charge of Cyber Security to Deter Corporate Account Takeovers

Keeping your company’s digital information secure requires awareness and vigilance, especially at a time when more work is being done virtually than ever before. Understanding how the fraud takes place and how to prevent it is the first step in protecting your corporate accounts.

April 2021 Take Charge of Cyber Security to Deter Corporate Account Takeovers

Additional Topics & Insights on Cybersecurity & Fraud

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Demystifying Cybersecurity in an Uncertain World

As people live more of their lives online, security has become a greater concern. In this time of digital acceleration, KeyBank has partnered with cybersecurity solutions provider Binary Defense to bring operational advice to business owners about protecting their systems from security breaches.

February 2021
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Fraudsters Aim for Unemployment Benefits

Fraudsters are using a fraught time to target individuals and overburdened institutions for financial gain. Fraudulent unemployment benefits claims are on the rise. See how awareness along with corporate and personal security strategies are the key to preventing serious financial harm.

March 2021
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Protect Your Company from Wire Transfer Fraud

Cyber wire fraud is a pervasive problem, and criminals are growing bolder as they attempt to fool you into wiring funds to bogus accounts. The weapon they increasingly use in these attacks is a familiar one: your business emails.

September 2020
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Fighting Fraud Amid Disruption: Is Your Company Practicing Good Cyber Hygiene?

Any company that uses digital tools is susceptible to cyberattacks, no matter the size or type of business. And as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to work outside their normal environments and processes, hackers and fraudsters are taking advantage of stressed employees, less secure home work environments and general economic and social disruption to increase their activity.

June 2020
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Nine ways to improve data security

Follow these best practices that could improve data security at your company.

January 2021
Business Expertise

Healthcare cybersecurity eBook: A digital epidemic

Today, online healthcare information is one of the most susceptible, profitable targets for cybercrime. Staying informed about cybercrime trends is the first step to safeguarding valuable data.

Entrepreneur. “FBI Sees Cybercrime Reports Increase Fourfold During COVID-19 Outbreak.”

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