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Energy & Efficiency

Investing in Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Renewables: A Strategic Approach

Companies today have access to an expanding menu of innovative clean energy alternatives, and choosing the best options will depend upon the unique circumstances of each business.

June 2019

Q2 2019 Middle Market Business Sentiment Report

Middle market companies have had a year to react to the 2018 tax reform. Did the savings meet their expectations? What did they do with the savings? To find out about these and other tax reform-related issues, KeyBank surveyed 400 middle market business owners and executives.

June 2019

Putting the Value in Value-Based Care

As health care shifts from the fee-for-service model toward value-based care, providers are finding inventive ways to balance their investment of time, staff and resources.

May 2019

Why Capital is the Key to Powering Mid-market Growth

Mid-market companies need funding to support their expansion efforts, and there are a number of creative ways they can go about getting it.

May 2019

Q1 2019 Middle Market Business Sentiment Report

Is the current economic cycle coming to an end for middle market companies? To find out, KeyBank surveyed 400 middle market business owners and executives* on their expectations surrounding a potential economic downturn and the implications for their businesses.

March 2019
Market Insights

Why Investing in Renewable Energy Makes Good Business Sense

Learn why solar power solutions make good business sense – and how to pay for them – in this five-step guide from Key Equipment Finance.

February 2019
Raise Capital

Helping the Engel Burman Group Become a Leading Assisted Living Provider for Manhattan-Area Residents

More than a capital provider to Engel Burman, KeyBank is viewed as an integral part of Engel Burman's team, as partners and strategy collaborators.

January 2019
Raise Capital

NEXT Healthcare Depends on the KeyBank Team as their Complete Solution for Seniors Housing and Healthcare Finance

“The uniqueness of KeyBank is they want to make sure we make the right decisions, they are a sounding board for our own investments.” Michael Zamir, Managing Principal and Co-Founder of Next Healthcare Capital.

January 2019
Raise Capital

Ran Eliasaf, Managing Director of Northwind Group, Reflects on the Relationship with KeyBank’s Healthcare Finance Group

Hear firsthand why Northwind Group views KeyBank as their “acquisition department” and why they view KeyBank as the bank to work with for healthcare and senior living transactions.

January 2019

Understanding the Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

Personalization increases engagement and minimizes the waste of marketing funds.

December 2018

Q4 2018 Middle Market Business Sentiment Report

Over the course of 2018, tariffs and their economic impact dominated business headlines. What began as a handful of U.S.-imposed tariffs soon precipitated retaliatory tariffs from other countries. By the end of the third quarter, these combined tariffs had encompassed 10,000+ products and $300+ billion dollars’ worth of goods.

November 2018

Webinar: Lease or Buy: The Impact of Tax Reform on the Equipment Financing Decision

This webinar will review: How does the tax reform impact equipment financing decisions? What are the principal changes? How does it all play out within “lease versus buy” decisions? This is the recording of an interactive session, with live audience polling and Q&A’s.

October 2018
Debt Capital Markets

Full-Service, Debt-Side Investment Solutions

June 2018 Full-Service, Debt-Side Investment Solutions

Healthcare Organization Financing Options

June 2018 Healthcare Organization Financing Options
Mitigate Risks

Protecting Against Data Breaches

Your business’s cybersecurity has just been breached. What do you do now? How do you stop it and fix the damage done? And who do you contact if confidential information may have been exposed?

December 2017 Protecting Against Data Breaches