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Market Insights

RED Development and KeyBank: A Client Conversation

E-commerce. The global financial crisis. Consolidation and transformation. The retail industry has seen it all over the past 20 years. KeyBank and RED have navigated it together.

July 2018

The Challenges of Healthcare Consolidation

Healthcare consolidation can help hospitals improve patient care while also improving their ability to compete.

March 2018

Optimize Financing with a Bifurcated Collateral Loan Structure

Given its advantages over cash-flow loans in covenant flexibility, borrowing capacity and pricing, asset-based loans can be a powerful financing tool for many companies across a broad range of industries.

December 2017
Raise Capital

Uncertain Times and The Future of CRE

The future predictions for CRE are good, really good.

October 2017
Raise Capital

Financing Your Company’s Growth With Asset-based Loans

Once considered a funding vehicle for lower quality borrowers and firms in turnaround situations, asset-based loans are now a mainstream financing resource for all types and sizes of businesses.

October 2017

Invest in Technology to Cultivate Aftermarket Channel Growth

The aftermarket channel continues its rising trajectory and dealerships can cultivate growth there with a sustained commitment to invest in technology.

July 2017

Can You Sell Your Business Without Selling Out?

Strategies for independent, privately-held companies: monetizing value, diversifying wealth and positioning for robust growth.

July 2014
Debt Capital Markets

Full-Service, Debt-Side Investment Solutions

June 2018 Full-Service, Debt-Side Investment Solutions

Healthcare Organization Financing Options

June 2018 Healthcare Organization Financing Options
Mitigate Risks

Protecting Against Data Breaches

Your business’s cybersecurity has just been breached. What do you do now? How do you stop it and fix the damage done? And who do you contact if confidential information may have been exposed?

December 2017 Protecting Against Data Breaches