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Client success story: ACES at Chase

Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES), founded in 1969, is a not-for-profit entity established to operate as an educational service center supporting 25 towns and school districts in south central Connecticut. ACES at Chase is a premier inter-district magnet middle school – focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) education for students – created through a melding of Thomas Edison Middle School and Chase Collegiate School (Chase Collegiate). Could this entity identify and close on a financing solution to open and recruit students and staff in time for a new school year?

February 2022
Native American

Agribusiness technologies and financing

For millennia, farmers have been remarkably resourceful and resilient in overcoming ecological perils that threaten their livelihood. Now they face environmental challenges far greater than flood, drought, and pestilence. In addition, they must contend with volatile market conditions that were inconceivable to their ancestors. But as new agricultural trends and technologies emerge and evolve, so do new funding solutions. Could this be the ideal time for agribusiness to innovate and create sustainable growth?

November 2021

ESOP a succession solution for business owners and employees

The American small business environment has reached a critical juncture. More than half of privately held firms in the U.S., or 2.9 million businesses, are owned by Baby Boomers 1.

September 2021

ARP investment strategies

While the pandemic underscored the disadvantaged status of many minority communities, it also triggered Congress to take long-overdue and meaningful action for Native American Tribes. The American Rescue Plan (ARP) will deploy more than $20 billion to Tribal governments to help them respond to the COVID-19 emergency and lay the foundation for an equitable recovery.

September 2021

Great Expectations for Private SaaS Growth Subdued by COVID-19 Crisis

Data from more than 500 private SaaS company respondents was analyzed and summarized in the following article, telling a tale of disruption and uncertainty – one that has yet to resolve as the pandemic continues.

September 2020

Testimonial Video:

Getting to know investors in advance is far more important than you realize. Watch’s Founder & CEO share his advice while attending our Tech Summit earlier this year.

August 2020

Testimonial Video: Zix

How does an expansive company like Zix execute on growth opportunities? Watch Zix's CEO share advice while attending our Tech Summit earlier this year.

August 2020

Testimonial Video: Digital Ocean

How does an early-stage company in face of massive opportunity leverage a full-service firm like Key? Digital Ocean's CEO Yancey Spruill explains how our relationship provided the business sophistication and relevant solutions on their path towards growth.

August 2020

Client Success Story: Metrus Energy

Fortune 100 technology company powers its facilities with Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service.

June 2020
Market Insights

Widen the Funnel and Close the Gaps: The Summit-CityMD Combo Sees "Big Apple" Opportunity through Integrated Care Delivery

Private Equity-funded delivery models are emerging to create more integrated care models that position well for value-based contracting.

February 2020

Making the Most of a Slowdown

As economists debate the possibility of a slowdown over the next 24 months, business leaders are considering the best way to position their companies after a long expansionary period.

January 2020
Market Insights

The Emergence of the Digital Workforce: Humans & AI Working Side-by-Side

With an addressable market of over $100 billion, robotic process automation (RPA) is going to drive significant changes around how humans work alongside digital workers.

January 2020
Debt Capital Markets

Full-Service, Debt-Side Investment Solutions

June 2018 Full-Service, Debt-Side Investment Solutions

Healthcare Organization Financing Options

June 2018 Healthcare Organization Financing Options
Mitigate Risks

Resources to Help Minimize your Organization’s Risk

June 2018 Resources to Help Minimize your Organization’s Risk