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Managing Assets

Streamlined Payment Systems Improve Business Inside and Out

In today’s efficiency-focused sales and service environment, optimizing your payments processes can be a boon for your business, employees and customers alike. To achieve this, a successful integrated payment system needs more than just technology. Key Merchant Services wants to put you on the path to the right solution for your business.

May 2021
Market Insights

A Conversation with The Portland Clinic CEO

Dick Clark, Portland Clinic CEO discusses the clinic, it's recent experiences, and the future.

February 2021

Lease Accounting Changes: What You Need to Know

Though the lease accounting standards are in effect for public companies, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) recently announced that the implementation for private companies, nonprofits and certain tax-exempt entities has been delayed until 12/15/2021.

January 2021
Market Insights

Six ways AP automation bolsters business continuity for real estate management

AP automation can help keep a business moving by ensuring its AP department can continue to approve invoices and make payments securely and efficiently at any time, from any location.

November 2020
Managing Assets

Embracing Emerging Technologies: The Future of B2B FinTech

New research sponsored by AvidXchange™ shows compelling new insights on the future of financial technology (FinTech) in the business-to-business (B2B) space. Take a closer look at how these technologies are impacting the B2B FinTech space and how they are being embraced by its customers.

March 2020
Managing Assets

Should I Be Financing Differently This Time Around?

Just one year ago, capital markets began deteriorating in response to the initial stages of trade rhetoric and tighter than anticipated monetary policy. In December 2018, high-yield bond issuance was nonexistent for the first time since the Great Recession.

January 2020
Market Insights

The Technology Treatment Plan for Healthcare: Make the Most of Your Data through AI and Analytics

Disruption isn’t just limited to the consumer tech space – it’s impacting many different industries. The healthcare sector has not been immune and is amid a significant period of transformation with the increased influence of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics.

October 2019
Market Insights

Technology and Rising Costs Top Healthcare Equipment Trends

Two continuous threads—rising costs and transformative technology—weave through all of the major healthcare industry trends and issues detailed in a new report on U.S. healthcare and equipment acquisition.

September 2019
Managing Assets

Tax Reform Implications on Equipment Financing

With the first tax overhaul in three decades, businesses are positioned for growth and profitability

May 2019
Managing Assets

Streamlining Patient Payment for Better Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare providers need to rethink their current patient payment collections strategy, thanks to two recent phenomena: high deductible plans that are shifting a greater portion of the bill to the patient, and an increase in the number of patients struggling to pay those higher bills.

August 2018
Maximize Cash Flow

AP Automation: How Can Your Business Benefit?

AP Automation can help cut costs and free talent to focus on more valuable tasks. Is your business adopting this solution?

January 2018
Maximize Cash Flow

The Future of AP Automation

Our Enterprise Payments experts, Matt Bernstein, Jaime Cerullo and Kevin Tholke, discuss the future of AP Automation.

January 2018

Customized Industry Financing Options

June 2018 Customized Industry Financing Options
Auto Dealer

Financing Dealerships for Success

June 2018 Financing Dealerships for Success

Convenient Corporate Checking

June 2018 Convenient Corporate Checking