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Your Business Is Our Priority: Information on COVID-19

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Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: Fed Policy Shift: Is the Phillips Curve Dead?

In a landmark policy shift, the Federal Reserve rewrote its dual mandate of achieving maximum employment and stable prices to focus on the US labor market and relax its inflation target.

August 2020 Key Questions: Fed Policy Shift: Is the Phillips Curve Dead?
Market Insights

Middle market shaken, but not broken, by COVID-19

Each quarter, to understand what impact current macroeconomic conditions and government policies have on the business environment, KeyBank surveys 400 middle market business owners and executives – defined as those in the $10 million to $2 billion range.

July 2020 Middle market shaken, but not broken, by COVID-19

Industrial Weekly Market Round-Up

Industrial Weekly Market Round-up provides you with our unique insights into the Industrial industry's dynamics during this time of global disruption and volatility.

September 2020 Industrial Weekly Market Round-Up
Economic & Market Research

Key Private Bank Investment Brief

The global spread of COVID-19 has caused significant market movements and uncertainty among investors.

Your investment brief houses our experts' latest analysis and strategies for navigating the turbulence created by the outbreak—keeping you updated on our thinking and how these changes might impact your portfolio.

September 2020 Key Private Bank Investment Brief

Additional Topics & Insights on the Economic Conditions

Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: How Will the Election Affect the Economy?

Higher taxes are not assured, and interest rates are likely to remain low. But changes elsewhere create both risks and opportunities.

August 2020
Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: How Has Our View on Gold Evolved?

In our Key Questions article, "Is All That Glitters Truly Golden?" last October, we expressed our view that gold does not merit inclusion in a strategic asset class framework. We took that position primarily because, unlike stocks and bonds, gold does not offer a stream of cash flows (e.g., dividends and earnings) one would use to estimate its value.

August 2020
Economic & Market Research

Key Investment Perspectives: August 2020

Better virus-related data along with an enhanced understanding of COVID-19 and treatment options contributed to better economic conditions despite the rise in new cases. Virus-related closures have been limited, and unprecedented fiscal and monetary measures are providing much-needed support in the recovery. As a result, a wide range of asset classes produced strong results for the month of July.

August 2020
Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: Will the Presidential Election Be Delayed?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the United States was in a state of disarray following the Civil War. Economic booms and busts ensued all too frequently due, in large part, to a series of missteps to reunite the nation.

August 2020
Market Insights

KeyBanc Capital Markets Industrial Forum: Real-Time Insights

In this video discussion, Richard "Dick" Hipple brings decades of leadership experience as he shares his insights on the current industrial business climate along with a broader outlook on the economy.

August 2020
Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: What Does the Future Look Like for Higher Education?

The college experience of the past might never look the same, and the divide between the haves and have-nots may only grow wider as a result.

July 2020

Key Perspectives, Economic Outlook

As the pandemic continues to impact the world’s economies, conditions are beginning to change as countries seek ways to reopen safely. To help make sense of it, read our latest Economic Outlook report.

June 2020