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Middle market enters expansion mode after one year of pandemic impacts

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Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: Will the Debt Ceiling Debate Cause a Market Debacle?

The Key Wealth Institute is a team of highly experienced professionals from across wealth management, dedicated to delivering commentary and financial advice. From strategies to manage your wealth to the latest political and industry news, the Key Wealth Institute provides proactive insights to help grow your wealth.

October 2021 Key Questions: Will the Debt Ceiling Debate Cause a Market Debacle?

Key Perspectives, Economic Outlook

Vaccines have begun to normalize U.S. economic activity, but the progress is taking longer than hoped. Some obstacles include hesitance towards taking the vaccine, questions around booster shots, and the vulnerability of new virus strains that evade the vaccines. The reality is that we remain locked in a race against time and do not know when we can overcome the residual impact of the virus.

September 2021 Key Perspectives, Economic Outlook

ARP investment strategies

While the pandemic underscored the disadvantaged status of many minority communities, it also triggered Congress to take long-overdue and meaningful action for Native American Tribes. The American Rescue Plan (ARP) will deploy more than $20 billion to Tribal governments to help them respond to the COVID-19 emergency and lay the foundation for an equitable recovery.

September 2021 ARP investment strategies
Economic & Market Research

Key Investment Perspectives: Third Quarter 2021 Review

September presented a wide range of risks for investors, including inflation, rising interest rates, the Delta variant, a potential default of a large Chinese property developer, and continued Washington theatrics regarding stimulus and the debt ceiling.

October 2021 Key Investment Perspectives: Third Quarter 2021 Review

Industrial Monthly Market Roundup

Industrial Monthly Market Roundup provides you with our unique insights into the Industrial industry's dynamics during this time of global disruption and volatility.

January 2021 Industrial Monthly Market Roundup

Single-purpose agriculture financing

KeyBank is an industry leader in financing agricultural equipment and storage. Learn more about how Key can elevate your competitive advantage and cost savings.

October 2021 Single-purpose agriculture financing

Additional Economic Conditions Industry Trends & Insights

Managing Assets

Food and beverage production financing

With nearly five decades of equipment financing and agricultural equipment experience, Key Equipment Finance now brings focused expertise to the food and beverage sector. By offering strong capital and industry knowledge when and where you need it most, we can help you create strategies and acquire the equipment your organization needs to grow and stay competitive.

September 2021
Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: What Created Chaos in Supply Chains and Why Are Shortfalls so Acute?

Disruption of global supply chains has been undeniable, with price increases felt by consumers across various markets and goods. From COVID-19 to geopolitical forces to extreme weather, things might worsen before they get better.

October 2021
Market Insights

Affordable housing advocates see mounting momentum

The outlook for affordable housing development in 2021 is a positive one, with government entities showing strong support for increasing affordable housing availability. Now investors, developers and lenders should meet the charge, too. Insights from the experts follow. Learn More.

April 2021
Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: Is Evergrande a “Lehman Moment”?

Evergrande is China’s second largest property developer, and it has more debt on its balance sheet than any other property company in the world (in terms of debt outstanding).

September 2021
Market Insights

Practical strategies for an unpredictable tax horizon

Obtaining the equipment your business needs to grow and stay competitive remains imperative. This white paper explains the importance of staying on top of an ever-evolving tax landscape and reviews relevant considerations from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

June 2021
Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: What Is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 exchange, also known as a like-kind exchange, occurs when a taxpaying individual investor or entity sells an investment property and reinvests the proceeds into a “like-kind” replacement property.

August 2021
Business Expertise

Building growth in difficult times

Equipment acquisition during economic uncertainty

Market Insights

Preparing for the LIBOR Transition

Fundamental change is coming to the floating rate loan market. After more than 40 years, the London Interbank Offered Rate or LIBOR – the benchmark index by which major global banks lend to one another – is being phased out by the end of 2021.

November 2020

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