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Q4 2019 Middle Market Business Sentiment Report

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Market Insights

Dominium, KeyBank Drive to Provide Affordable Housing

The affordable housing crisis continues to plague communities across the country. To make a tangible difference in the number of homes available to those who most need them, the crisis must be met with innovative solutions and concerted commitment from developers, investors, lenders and the federal government.

December 2019 Dominium, KeyBank Drive to Provide Affordable Housing

Lease Accounting Changes: What You Need to Know

Though the new lease accounting standards are in effect for public companies, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) recently announced that the implementation for private companies, nonprofits and certain tax-exempt entities has been delayed until 12/15/2020.

January 2020 Lease Accounting Changes: What You Need to Know

Additional Topics & Insights on the Economic Conditions


Tools of the Trade War

Middle market businesses can’t escape the effects of tariffs, but can they mitigate their impact and prevent them from slowing growth?

January 2020

Making the Most of a Slowdown

As economists debate the possibility of a slowdown over the next 24 months, business leaders are considering the best way to position their companies after a long expansionary period.

January 2020
Economic & Market Research

Key Investment Perspectives: January 2020

A solid December ended an outstanding year for equities around the world. The US equity market soared 31% in 2019, while developed country ex-US stocks and emerging market equities rose 22% and 20%, respectively.

January 2020
Managing Assets

Should I Be Financing Differently This Time Around?

Just one year ago, capital markets began deteriorating in response to the initial stages of trade rhetoric and tighter than anticipated monetary policy. In December 2018, high-yield bond issuance was nonexistent for the first time since the Great Recession.

January 2020

Key Perspectives, Economic Outlook

The last few years the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates to slow the economy, but dropped them this year to avoid excessive slowing. The industrial economy has contracted significantly, and some economists have feared consumer spending would follow. Clearly, economic challenges remain. Even so, the outlook has improved and the odds of a recession occurring any time soon should be falling.

December 2019

Create Your Competitive Advantage with Diverse Leadership

By 2026, more women will finish school and enter the workforce with specific leadership skills than men. Yet, most people still associate leadership with men, and this bias can have a profound affect on an organization's ability to compete and innovate in the future. The Competitive Benefits of Diverse Leadership shares the latest research on the benefits of a more diverse and robust talent pool.

April 2019
Mitigate Risks

Cybersecurity in the Hacking Age: Best Practices for Prevention and Detection

Two hours. That’s all it takes for a hacker to get to the data they need once they gain entry to an organization’s computer systems. Most companies are not prepared to address a breach that quickly. In fact, many don’t even realize they’ve been breached until it’s too late to recover lost funds or data without repercussions.

December 2019

Create Real Change by Confronting Unconscious Bias

Most people consider themselves fair minded and free of prejudice, but the truth is, unconscious bias is usually present within the workplace. Learn more about these deeply subconscious thoughts, plus what you can do to foster a more welcoming workplace.

August 2018