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2021 Economic and Investment Outlook: Investing When Decades Happen in Weeks

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Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: What Does the Crisis in Texas say About Energy Markets?

In our November 30, 2020 edition of Key Questions titled, "What Surprises Might 2021 Have for Us?," we said the following: "Crude oil exits 2021 above $60 per barrel, and Energy is the best performing sector in the S&P 500 Index. With the global economy set to rebound sharply once vaccines become available, it becomes apparent to market participants just how much damage was done to US upstream production capabilities. Demand increases significantly, and the slow reaction function of producers causes prices to rise more than the consensus expects. Equity investors who have shunned the Energy sector are forced to chase performance, further driving rotation into Cyclicals."

February 2021 Key Questions: What Does the Crisis in Texas say About Energy Markets?

Key Perspectives, Economic Outlook

We are finally preparing to move beyond the pandemic and some of the other issues that have made 2020 such a difficult year. Barring another major lockdown, the economy seems primed to continue its recovery. The question is how fast it will grow and how soon we resolve some of the issues holding it back?

December 2020 Key Perspectives, Economic Outlook

Industrial Monthly Market Roundup

Industrial Monthly Market Roundup provides you with our unique insights into the Industrial industry's dynamics during this time of global disruption and volatility.

January 2021 Industrial Monthly Market Roundup
Market Insights

Preparing for the LIBOR Transition

Fundamental change is coming to the floating rate loan market. After more than 40 years, the London Interbank Offered Rate or LIBOR – the benchmark index by which major global banks lend to one another – is being phased out by the end of 2021.

November 2020 Preparing for the LIBOR Transition

The Pandemic’s Toll on Working Women and What Companies Can Do

According to recent research by the National Women’s Law Center nearly 2.2 million women have left the workforce since February 2020. Another Study by McKinsey & Company highlights that the pandemic has affected women’s confidence, as well as their thoughts about their financial future. Learn more as KeyCorp experts weigh in on the topic with tips on how to support women – and parents – throughout the pandemic and beyond.

December 2020 Finding Your Voice in the Workplace
Business Expertise

Building growth in difficult times

Equipment acquisition during economic uncertainty

Building growth in difficult times

Additional Topics & Insights on the Economic Conditions

Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: What Causes Bubbles To Burst?

In prior essays, we described how certain conditions that existed during periods in which asset bubbles were created are again apparent. Of these conditions, there are three that commonly surfaced: Interest rates were at or near zero; central banks assured the markets that interest rates would remain low for an extended period, forcing investors out on the risk curve; and an abundance of liquidity. These circumstances are evident today.

February 2021
Economic & Market Research

Key Investment Perspectives: February 2021

The world’s attention in the opening month of 2021 was riveted on the January 6 storming of the US Capitol and the presence of thousands of National Guardsmen in Washington for the Biden-Harris inauguration.

February 2021
Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: Are Long-Term Interest Rates Heading Higher?

Since the start of January, the 10-year US Treasury note yield has climbed 25 basis points to 1.16%. With short-term US Treasury yields anchored by the near-zero federal funds rate and limited volatility in the intermediate maturities due to the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) Treasury purchases, fluctuations in long-term interest rates will drive changes in the shape of the Treasury yield curve.

February 2021
Market Insights

KeyBanc Capital Markets Industrial Forum: Preparing For & Executing a Liquidity Event

KeyBanc Capital Markets invites you to to listen to our Industrial Forum discussion, Preparing for & Executing a Liquidity Event. In today's market, many private business owners are contemplating growth capital to inject into their business and/or the opportunity to monetize the significant value they and their employees have created.

December 2020
Economic & Market Research

Key Questions: Is GameStop’s Rise "Game Over" for the Stock Market?

Last week, we addressed the question, "Is the Federal Reserve fueling a stock market bubble?." In it, we discussed how ultra-low interest rates – and assurances from the Fed that they would remain very low for a long time – have incentivized investors to move out the risk curve to generate a reasonable rate of return.

February 2021
Market Insights

The future of seniors housing: a 2021 outlook from a capital markets perspective

The unique challenges of a global public health crisis put significant stress on seniors housing operators and owners in 2020 that may take years to fully recover. Learn more from our experts. Learn More.

January 2021

Your Business Is Our Priority: Information on COVID-19

The financial landscape is changing by the hour but what has remained constant throughout this period of economic turmoil is our commitment to you.

March 2020

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