Environmental, Sustainable, Governance (ESG) Money Market Deposit Account

Responsible investing for sustainable futures

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and invest in a greener future for your business, society and the planet with our ESG Money Market account. Earn interest and maintain liquidity, knowing your money is working to support socially beneficial projects.


Minimum Opening Deposit


Monthly Maintenance Service Charge


Avoid Monthly Maintenance Service Charges

$25,000 minimum daily ledger balance (balance at the beginning of the day) during the monthly statement period

Excess Withdrawal Transfer Charge



  • Sharable account reporting demonstrates your commitment to socially responsible solutions
  • Build brand equity and increase employee satisfaction by contributing to meaningful change.
  • For every dollar deposited, an equal amount is held in an ESG lending portfolio supporting clean transportation, green buildings, pollution prevention, renewable energy, clean water, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture and forestry, and climate change resiliency and adaptation.
  • Competitive interest rate
  • No monthly fee with a $25,000 minimum daily balance
  • FDIC insured*
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Deposits are insured up to the maximum allowable limit.

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