Sprout Social CFO describes part of their IPO & FPO journey

August 2022

Joe Del Preto, CFO at Sprout Social, a Chicago based SaaS company in the social media management space. We have over 31,000 customers, 140 different countries, doing over 220 million of ARR, growing 40, you know, percent plus. And I think the thing about Sprout that's great, it's all the little things that we do. I mean, I think every single day and it starts with the people we hire and the way we kind of talk about our values and how important it is just to make sure that one, we have just open communication, right? And we just make sure that there's just a lot of respect. There's not a lot of big egos in the room. People are very accountable, which I really enjoy. I think the mantra that we have with our customers, which is we wanna be a joy to do business with and that kind of permeates throughout the organization, not just the way we treat our customers but the way we treat our employees. KeyBank was on our IPO as well and on our follow on offering. And I think what I really appreciate from the KeyBank team is I could have really just honest, one-on-one conversations with them, right? Unlike some of the other folks that we worked with, I could call up that team and they would, they would be upfront with me. They gimme the honest feedback. They were working really hard behind the scenes for us. They really appreciated where we were in our life cycle, the size of our business, our growth story. They invested a lot of time understanding what we were trying to do, what the, you know, what our plans were. And you just, you don't always get that from everybody else, right? I think they generally were working pretty hard behind the scenes. I would frequently reach out to them one on one before board meetings to get their perspective on things 'cause I knew if I called them up, I would get what I wanted, you know, like I'd get it straight. And they've just been a, really a pleasure to work with. They're not over overwhelming. They're, you know, they're just, they're always there when I need 'em, they always pick up the phone and just really been a pleasure to work with.

Joe Del Preto, CFO of Sprout Social, shares how working with KeyBanc Capital Markets led to honest feedback and conversation. Something that he says you don’t always get from everyone else.

To learn more, visit key.com/kbcm.

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