Equipment Finance

Equipment represents one of the most significant capital investments a business makes. By selecting the most strategic financing option and establishing appropriate leverage, businesses free up capital and ensure that the most recent, advanced models are available. Key’s solutions-based approach to equipment finance helps structure payments, optimize balance sheet ratios and tax planning goals, and preserve existing lines of credit.

In the words of one of our clients: “We’ve been a long-time KeyBank customer and because [our cancer treatment facility] had some specific and challenging requirements, we knew our best bet was to consult their equipment finance division to figure out how we could afford the equipment we needed.”
— Kim Woofter, Chief Operating Officer
Michiana Hematology Oncology’s Advanced Centers for Cancer Care

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Key’s senior equipment finance experts finance equipment, fleets and machinery in multiple industries, and are experienced at structuring financial solutions that meet your business needs. Some of our successes include:

  • Marine sector: Key provided $19.5 million in equipment financing to a marine operator for an offshore supply vessel.
  • Energy sector: Key provided $5 million in financing for natural gas processor equipment.

Our professionals offer a broad range of financial structures so we can accommodate businesses with varying time horizons, ownership preferences and financial goals. Leasing options include taxable, tax-exempt, fair market value, capital and operating leases, as well as bareboat charters.

We also offer conditional sales agreements, 10% purchase plans, equipment loans with fixed and floating rate options, and specialized loans such as agricultural facility loans and preferred ship mortgages.

Specialization is critical to us, supporting our commitment to provide the best solutions related to financing highly industry-specific equipment. Our expert teams can offer insights into how other companies in your industry structure financing to support their business goals. Our specialized equipment expertise includes:

  • Healthcare diagnostic and treatment equipment
  • Corporate jets and helicopters
  • Freighters, railcars and locomotives
  • Commercial trucks and trailers
  • Machine tools and robotics for manufacturing
  • Agricultural equipment like combines, SPAFs and wine crushers
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Tug boats, freighters, barges and specialty boats