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Adding a New Cardholder

3. Adding a New Cardholder

Follow these steps to enroll a new cardholder in your program. Once a cardholder is added through the Key2Benefits portal, a Key2Benefits card package will be mailed to the cardholder. Note: cardholders cannot access the Key2Benefits cardholder website until after a card account is created for them on the administrator portal.

Add a New Cardholder:

  1. From the Menu, click Add New Cardholder.
  2. The Add New Cardholder page appears. Required fields appear in red.
    1. If the cardholder does not live within the United States, check the box above the Mailing Address field before entering the cardholder information. The Country field will also need to be completed in order to enroll a cardholder with a foreign address.

      Add Cardholder

      As a program administrator, you may choose to collect additional information from your cardholders for identification purposes. This information is only for your reference and is not reported anywhere.

  3. Fill in the mandatory fields below to enroll a cardholder.

    Mandatory Fields

  4. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  5. A confirmation message appears to indicate the cardholder was enrolled; and will provide the 17-digit cardholder ID:
    1. Make note of the cardholder ID number to use for card funding
    2. If the cardholder ID number does not display, do not press Submit again. Instead, Search for the cardholder.
  6. Click OK to view the cardholder information.

    Admin Portal

  7. If you want to add another cardholder, click Next and go to Step 3.