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Accessing Key2Benefits Reporting through KeyNavigator

2. Accessing Key2Benefits Reporting through KeyNavigator

To access KeyNavigator, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch a web browser.
  2. In the address field, type
  3. Select the Corporate tab to get to the KeyNavigator log-on box.
  4. Sign into KeyNavigator using your credentials.

    KeyNavigator Sign in

  5. To access the reports, log into KeyNavigator; select Card Services from the top Navigation and then select Key2Benefits.

    Access Reports

  6. The Key2Benefits Reporting Page appears. There are two options available:
    1. Administrator Sign On – This option will direct you to the Key2Benefits Administration Portal where you can enroll new cardholders; or search, view and modify existing cardholders.
    2. Choose Program – Click the dropdown arrow to select your program’s Card Prefix Number. The prefix number is the first 9 digits of your card numbers. Then click Show Reports to see your dedicated reporting.

      Choose Program