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KeyNavigator ACH

1. KeyNavigator ACH

KeyNavigator’s ACH service enables authorized users to initiate electronic debit and credit transactions. You can either create these transactions manually or import transaction information into the ACH module. Our easy to use templates allow you to create, store, and approve payments easily for payment types including payroll, tax and vendor payments. If you have proprietary software capable of creating compatible ACH files, you can upload the file directly into the KeyNavigator.

1.1 Payment Management

  • From the Corporate tab of, log into KeyNavigator.
  • Choose the Payables section of KeyNavigator and select ACH.

    Payment Management

  • The Payment Management page will display. You will find many options for managing your payments and customizing your payment list views. There are several menu options at the top of the screen, including links to return to KeyNavigator Home, Menu, Setup, Help and Log Off.

    Payment Management

  • Under the Menu option, you are able to access other functions within ACH including Create Payment, Payment Templates, Create Template, Reports and Maintenance (User and Role Maintenance). Depending on your permissions you may not have access to all of these functions.

    Payment Management

  • Under the Setup menu, you are able to access Alert Settings, Detail Import Map, Beneficiary Address Book, Email Recipients, Email Recipients Group Settings, and Email Recipient Group Assignments.

    Setup Menu

On the Payment Management screen, you are able to select the default view that you will see when you go into the ACH module. It defaults to ‘Two Week Look Back’ which will display all ACH payments, in all statuses, for the past two weeks. The other view options available include:

  • All Payments
  • My Payments
  • Approved Payments
  • Payments Requiring Approval
  • Rejected Payments
  • Payments Needing Repair
  • Two Week Look Back

To change your default view, click on the Manage link next to the view dropdown menu, click the checkbox next to your selected view then, click Set As Default button.

Manage Views

You can also manage the columns you see on the Payment Management screen:

  • Click on the Manage Columns link and select which columns that you want to see in each view. Click OK.
  • Once the Manage Columns window is closed, you can drag and drop your selected columns in the list to change their order.
  • Select Save View in the table header to save your configuration.

    Manage Columns

Along the bottom of the Payment Management screen are action buttons that allow you to Approve, Reject, Unapprove or Delete ACH payments shown in your list. The buttons you see are dependent on your role/access. There are also additional links that allow you to go to other functions including Create Payment, Create Template and Import.

1.2 Create a Payment

  • To create an ACH payment, select the Create Payment option at the bottom of the ACH Payment Management homepage.

    Create a Payment

  • From the Create Payment ACH screen, choose your Payment Type from the drop down box.

    Create a Payment

  • The Payment Type selected will determine the information you need to complete in the next section. In the example below, Cash Concentration / Disbursement has been selected. Once you select your Payment Type, click Continue.

    Create a Payment

  • Required information is indicated with a red asterisk. The Value Date is the date the payment will credit or debit the beneficiary; the payment may be sent for processing a day in advance. Use optional fields such as Batch Description or Comments for your reference.

    Create a Payment

  • Complete the Beneficiary Section with the information required, including: Payee Name, Account Number and ABA.
  • Addenda can be added using a field that will count characters and provide the number remaining characters available.
  • When payment entry details are complete, click the Submit button and a confirmation window will be displayed.

    Create a Payment

The Payment Approval process is setup by your administrator. Certain payments may require multiple approvals by multiple users before being considered complete.

Payment Approval

  • To Approve a Payment, click the Approve button on the ACH Payment Management home screen.
  • Payments in an Entered Status require approval before they’re submitted for payment.

    Entered Status

  • Payments can be approved in two different ways:
    • On the ACH Payment Management screen, simply can click the check box to the left of the individual payment and click Approve.
    • Or click on an individual payment, and click the Approve Button.
  • After your payment has been fully approved you will receive a Confirmation screen, and the Status will change to Approved.

1.3 Templates

To simplify your experience, you have the capability to create and store templates for future use. When making multiple or recurring payments, follow these guidelines to create the appropriate template for your needs.

Payment Templates lists all templates that have been created and provides access to template details and available actions.

Payment Templates

  • Similar to Payment Management, this view lists all templates and can be configured by the user.
  • You can choose the columns that you wish to see in the template list view.
  • The status displayed in the Status column determines the available actions for each template. Hovering over the status will display further details on who entered or modified the template.
  • The template list can be filtered using this dropdown menu. Since templates cannot be used until they have been approved, the Templates Pending Approval option provides a quick way to look for templates needing approval.
  • Available actions for each template can be accessed in the Actions column.
  • Checkboxes allow you to apply a single action to multiple templates.
  • Like Payment Management, template details are accessed by selecting on the template row or engaging with options from the Action column.
  • Available actions for the template are displayed in the button row along the bottom of the page.

Create Template

Creating payment templates can be initiated several different ways. You can select Create Template from the link at the bottom of the page. You can also select Create Template from the Menu dropdown, which will provide a blank template. This will be the focus of the following example flow.

Creating Templates

  • From the Create Template page, select from the Payment Type dropdown and enter a Template Name and Template Description. Selecting the Continue button will display further entry options based on the selected payment type.

    Create Templates

    Create Templates

  • For this payroll payment, a Beneficiary segment is displayed and can be used to add multiple beneficiaries. You can use the Beneficiary Lookup function if you choose, by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

    Create Templates

  • In the Transaction Information segment, transaction amounts can be entered. Hold and prenote options are available if needed.
  • Enter the ABA/Routing Number.
  • Use the Summary View link to view all beneficiary entries together. Use the options accessed from the Actions column to view or edit individual entries.

    Summary View

    • Use the action buttons along the bottom at any time: Submit, Save Draft, Reset, or Cancel.
  • After clicking Submit you will receive a confirmation window.

    Confirmation window

  • Using the Print Details button from the confirmation window will display a Template Detail Report.
  • Templates that are saved or submitted can be accessed in the Payment Templates section for further edits or actions.
  • You can view templates from the Payment Templates page.

    Payment Templates

1.4 Reporting

Report Management is an integral feature to ACH. This multilayered system provides options to filter, save, and view reports.

Report Menu

  • View a list of available reports from the Report Management page. Select a given report to view the report or choose from other actions to refine views.

    Report Management

ACH Payment Audit Trail

  • Select a range of options for a report to create custom report views.
  • Select from several groups for each type of report including dates.

    ACH Payment Audit Trail

  • Save report filters as custom reports by selecting the Save button.
  • Reports saved with custom filters display as a copy of the original report with your name listed. Select to run and view the report.

ACH Payment Detail

  • Select a given report in the Report Name column to launch a report. Reports are displayed in a window with additional view and navigation options.
  • Use the top toolbar to navigate through various reports or to adjust the size to fit your screen size. Use the group tree to provide a quick way to navigate sections or pages. Export the report to other file formats using the top left 'export' button.
  • Use the Cancel button or 'up' arrow in the report toolbar to return to the report list.

    ACH Payment Detail

ACH Template Detail

  • Different filter options are available for each type of report.

    ACH Template Detail