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KeyNavigator ACH

1. KeyNavigator ACH

KeyNavigator’s ACH service enables authorized users to initiate electronic debit and credit transactions. You can either create these transactions manually or import transaction information into the ACH module. Our easy to use templates allow you to create, store, and approve payments easily for payment types including payroll, tax and vendor payments. If you have proprietary software capable of creating compatible ACH files, you can upload the file directly into the KeyNavigator.

  • From the Business & Institutions tab of, log into KeyNavigator.
  • Choose the Payables section of KeyNavigator and select ACH.


1.1 ACH Home

From the ACH Home page, you are able to customize your personal experience and navigate to any other function using the menus.

  • Click on the ACH Menu to navigate to other ACH functions.

    ACH Menu

  • Add additional widgets by clicking on the Add Widget drop down. From here, you can add as many widgets as you like to facilitate your business. Please note: newly added widgets are added to the bottom of the widget listing.

    Widget Menu

  • Click and drag any of the widgets to your desired order
  • Click the gear icon and choose resize to show the widgets side-by-side. You may also delete widgets from here as well.

    Customize Widget

1.2 Notifications

  • From the Notifications section, you may view additional information on recurring and rejected payments, payments and templates needing approval, and imported files.