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Create Deposit Input via KeyNavigator

Users are able to create deposit inputs for a specific location. Deposit inputs pull funds from a specified account at another bank to a concentration account at Key. Users are set up with dollar limits for each deposit transaction.

To Input a Deposit:

  1. Go to the Receivables section in KeyNavigator and select Deposit Concentration.


  2. Select Create Deposit Input in the Services section of the page.


  3. Depending on your set-up, you may be able to select the division and/or location (steps 3 and 4) or these fields may be prefilled.
  4. Utilize the dropdown menu to select the appropriate division.

    Division Filter

  5. Select the location for which the deposit is being created.

    Select Division

  6. Enter the amount of the deposit.

    Deposit Input

  7. Input any additional information for reference purposes, based on your set-up.

    Deposit Additional Info

  8. Select Cancel to return to the Deposit Concentration main page or select Next to proceed with creating a deposit input.
  9. The Accept Deposit Input page will display. Review the information presented. Select Cancel to return to the Deposit Concentration main page. Select Edit to make changes. Select Accept to proceed with your deposit input.

    Deposit Input

  10. You will receive a confirmation screen that displays not only the deposit input information, but also the status of the transfer. Select Main Page to return or Create Another Input to report additional deposits.

    Deposit Input Confirmation