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Key E-Bill & Collect components are customer facing websites. These web-based applications provide a number features and functions to for payment processing, managing funding sources, and scheduling and managing payments.

This document provides a guide to features and functions of the Simple Web customer website. This option allows customers to make payments without needing to enroll, and is sometimes called Guest or Unenrolled Payments.

You can access Simple Web a number of ways, depending on your configuration and how you have integrated with E-Bill & Collect:

  • Simple Web − Manual Payments
  • Simple Web − Authenticated Payments
  • Simple Web − Single Sign On (SSO) Payments

Mobile Access

Access is also supported from different devices, through the use of Responsive Web Design (RWD).

This technology recognizes the size of the screen on the device that is being used to access the website and renders the page correctly for that screen, by altering the position of text labels, shortening text and so on.

NOTE: The screenshots used in this manual are from the core pre-production version of the website. As such they may contain functions or data that does not appear in the production version or that may not reflect your selected color scheme, configuration and/or set up.