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Authenticated & SSO Payments

Authenticated and SSO Payments

In these set ups, billing data is provided to us and used to make the payments. It is provided in one of two ways: •

  • Authenticated – The data is supplied to us in a billing data file and is used to authenticate the billing data entered by the customer.
  • Single Sign On – The data is supplied to us as part of the SSO process. This allows the customer authentication step to be bypassed.

As we are able to authenticate the customer these options offer more customer convenience features than the Manual Payments option, as noted below.

Lookup Account Details

This page is used in the Authenticated Payments set up only. You will redirect the customer to a URL specified by us, and they will prompt to enter details about the account to access the next page.

The above shows Account Number + Zip Code being used for authentication. You can specify additional fields in addition to Zip Code or a different authentication option to replace it.

CAPTCHA is required for PCI Compliance. Most customers will need to only check the “I’m Not a Robot” checkbox shown below to pass the validation.

In the event the reCAPTCHA algorithm thinks the access is not by a human, the customer will be prompted to verify they are a human.

The images shown randomly recycle with each access. There is also an option to have the verification code read back to the customer, by clicking on the headphone icon.

The data entered is then authenticated. If there is a mismatch and error message is shown to the customer. 

Enter Payment Details 

Once the customer has been authenticated (or the SSO message has been processed successfully), details of the account will be shown. 

We can optionally capture a phone number from the customer and will always show any email address you provide. If none is available, we will prompt for one. 

The customer will then be prompted to enter a funding source. If they have chosen to save a funding source can select it to re-use it. The payment date will be shown, and the customer may be given the option of selecting a future date, if you have enabled this feature. 

Finally, The customer will be able to select or enter details of the payment amount. The options (and labels for the amounts) shown here will depend on your chosen set up and configuration. 

NOTE: The screenshot above shows all possible options. Your set up may have fewer options, or just a single option. 

Once an amount has been entered/selected, the customer can select ‘Continue’ to proceed. If there are any issues (i.e. a missing mandatory field), an error message will be displayed. 

Verify Payment Details 

This page allows the customer to review the details of the payment they want to make before confirming it. If configured, this will include the amount of any convenience fee to be charged for processing the payment. The user can ‘Cancel’ or ‘Edit’ the payment at this point. 

Once confirmed, any business rules will be run. If a card is being used for payment, an authorization will be processed. Error messages will be displayed if there are any issues. 

Payment Confirmed 

If there are no issues, a payment confirmation will be displayed with a unique confirmation number. An email receipt will be sent to the email address entered by the customer. 

NOTE: If you are using SSO and have enabled the redirect option, the customer will be redirected back to your website for the confirmation page to be displayed.