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This optional feature allows the customer to link a cell phone to their account to receive SMS alerts, but also allows then to sign up for a payment alert and reminder service.

Enroll for/Manage Mobile Payments

This option allows the customer to enroll for Mobile Payments. They can then choose to be alerted if their due date is approaching and they have not made a payment towards that bill. The following page is displayed when this option is selected.

Verify Phone Number

The first step in enrolling is to verify the phone number the customer wants to use.

The following data/options will be displayed:

  • Cell Phone Number. These fields allow the customer to enter the cell phone number they want to receive alerts on.
  • Verification Method. This dropdown will list the options for receiving the verification code, either as a SMS or as a Voice Call.
  • Enter Verification Code. Once the customer has the verification code from the phone they can enter it here to verify the phone number.

Setup Payment Alert Preferences

Once the customer’s phone has been verified they will be able to set up their Payment Alert preferences. The following data/options will be displayed:

  • Preferred Contact-Payment Method. This is how the customer will receive the alert and make the payment. Three options may be offered:
    • Voice Call-Phone Payment. The IVR will place a voice call to the phone and request authorization for the payment.
    • SMS-Phone Payment. The system will send a text to the phone containing a phone number to call back which will access the IVR to authorize the payment.
    • SMS-Mobile Web Payment. The system will send a text to the phone containing a short form URL that will link to a mobile browser web page for the customer to authorize the payment.
  • Days Before Due Date to Contact Me. Customer can select the number of days before their Due Date that they want to receive the alert.
  • Preferred Contact Time. The time of day the customer wants to receive the alert.
  • Payment Amount Option. The payment amount (current statement balance, etc.) that the customer wants to pay.
  • Payment from Account. The funding source the customer wants to use to fund the mobile payment.

    Once the customer has made their selections they can select Submit to move onto the next page. If they have changed their mind they can select Cancel.

  • Verify Payment Details. Once the customer has entered the details of the payment they want to make and has selected Continue they will be shown a page to review the proposed payment, as described above. They will then be able to Confirm, Edit or Cancel the payment request.

    The system will then run any business rules set up for Mobile Alert payments. If there are any issues error messages will be displayed.

  • Payment Confirmed. If there are no issues when the customer confirms the payment they will be shown a payment confirmation page.
  • Once the customer is enrolled, the navigation option will change to Manage Mobile Payments, which will allow the customer to cancel their enrollment.

Alerts and Notifications

This option allows the customer to choose to receive some of the system generated alerts via SMS, and to also switch off certain email alerts. The following page is displayed when this option is selected.

The customer will then be able to switch alerts off and on by selecting the relevant checkbox. They can then Submit the changes. They can also link and verify a phone of this has not been done – this will take the customer to a page identical to the one shown above.

NOTE: Some alerts cannot be switched off (for example New Bill Ready) as the customer has to receive those alerts.