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Reporting & Research FAQ

The Reporting and Research section of KeyNavigator provides a variety of reports and statements that help clients manage their business better every day. The following report categories are available within the Information Reporting section. A few of the reports included in each category are listed below; a complete list of reports by category is available in the Information Reporting User Guide:

  • Standard Reports – Previous Day and IntraDay reports / BAI2 file downloads
  • Customer Statements – Commercial Bank Statements / Account Analysis Statements / EDI 822
  • Other Reports – Credit and Investment Sweep reports / ZBA reporting / Wire reporting
  • ACH Reports – ACH activity reports / EDI Remittance reporting / EPA reports

The following transactions images are available:

  • Checks
  • eChecks
  • Deposited items
  • Returned items and advices
  • Some wire
  • Some ACH information

Key offers three Investment Sweep products:

  • Repurchase Agreement (Repo) Sweep:
    • An overnight investment that consists of direct obligations of, or those that are fully guaranteed as to the principal and interest by the U.S. Government or agencies.
  • Automatic Investment Sweep:
    • An Automatic Investment Sweep is an open term investment in a selection of money market mutual funds provided by Federated® Investors.
  • Commercial or Public Interest Sweep
    • A Commercial or Public Interest Sweep is an open term savings in an interest bearing deposit account at KeyBank.

Please contact your Payments Advisor for more information on account opening.

Zero Balance Account service will transfer ledger balances. Uncollected balances are inherited by the receiving account on a same-day basis.