Investment Management

Driven by the unique needs of institutional investors, we offer a dedicated investment management platform that balances risk with the need to deliver returns. As a well-capitalized, national financial institution with more than 100 years of experience, we offer flexible investment approaches that match different needs.

Our experienced team follows a consistent, disciplined process to help you determine your priorities, design a custom investment strategy and ultimately, reach your goals. We help build your investment portfolio using a personalized, consultative process that emphasizes both performance and client service recognized throughout the industry.

We serve both balanced portfolios and a structured cash portfolio structures. Under either paradigm, we always customize the solution for your unique needs. Our platform is full-service, and options include:

  • Structured Cash Portfolios
  • Balanced Portfolios
  • Equity Portfolios
  • Other Fixed Income Investments
  • Other Equity Investments

Key provides investment management services to a wide variety of companies, including recent services provided to clients in the following sectors:

  • Corporate and Union Pension Plans
  • Endowments and Foundations
  • Various Public Funds

A portfolio that includes a mix of fixed income and equities investments, a balanced fund is geared toward investors who are looking for a mixture of safety, income and modest capital appreciation. Typically, this approach is ideal for those with total return objectives.

Known for our high-touch client communication approach, our portfolio managers for structured cash relationships seek to realize three primary investment objectives: safety of principal; liquidity; and competitive returns. To achieve liquidity, we typically hold a significant amount of very liquid securities with deep secondary markets.

When we have determined the optimal sectors in which to invest, we then determine the appropriate maturities and credit qualities in which to invest the portfolio. We also invest at points along the yield curve that are expected to generate higher returns, and use carefully researched projections to focus on the most advantageous opportunities.

Custody & Administrative Services Accounts - Federated Funds Available:

Federated Government Obligations Fund - Institutional Shares

Federated Government Obligations Fund – Premier Shares

Federated Treasury Obligations Fund – Institutional Shares

Corporate Escrow Services Accounts - Federated Funds Available:

Federated Government Obligations Fund - Capital Shares

Federated Treasury Obligations Fund – Capital Shares