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Flexible Investment Approaches to Meet Your Needs

Whether a financial relationship is measured in days or decades, Key ensures that our clients’ interests are well-protected and invested wisely throughout their lifecycle. We can serve as independent caretaker and escrow provider, and also as your strategic financial advisor. We provide trust, asset services, investment management, escrow, employee pensions and benefits, custody and administrative services to individuals, companies, organized labor, government agencies and non-profits.

Every company, Board and organization has unique needs and stakeholders. We listen to your needs, and offer our long track record of stability and successful execution to bring all parties to the table. In this way, we’ve earned the trust of hundreds of organizations across the country. Our services include:

Corporate Escrow Services

Transactions that require a third-party to hold funds in escrow require a trusted partner. Key’s reputation for financial responsibility and attention to detail has been built on decades of experience, and expertise. Your corporate escrow services will be led by an experienced banker who will work to ensure that your instructions are carefully documented and executed to minimize transaction risks and build trust amongst all stakeholders.

In our non-fiduciary role, we can hold cash, stock and other defined assets. While waiting for your transaction to close, we provide monthly detailed reporting on assets, account activity and accumulated annual interest. Cash is immediately deposited in competitive federal money market funds to further safeguard its value.

Throughout your escrow experience you will have a single, trusted point of contact for dealing with your needs to see that your funds will be released on time and under the correct conditions.


Key provides escrow services in the following areas:

  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • EPA closure and trust accounts
  • Indemnification accounts
  • Retainage accounts
  • Variety of transactional types involving real estate and other collateral


While your funds are in escrow, we are committed to keeping all parties to the transaction informed. We typically issue monthly reports detailing the schedule, interest and account activity on all escrow services.

Custody & Administrative Services

Trust is essential to business relationships, particularly when important funds and assets are either changing hands, or are in need of long-term management. We are proud that for more than 100 years, corporations, non-profits and governments have trusted us to support their need for third-party custody and administrative services.

Key has a distinguished track record of professionalism when performing a variety of custody and administrative services, for organizations across the U.S. including corporations, pension boards, governmental agencies, organized labor and non-profits.

Our technology allows plan administrators to access current financial data, easily navigate through records and establish protocols that establish appropriate levels of access or confidentiality to information, individualized for each employee, stakeholder or business partner.

Trust Services

Key safeguards assets for multiple constituents with services including:

  • Automated and accurate accounting and reporting
  • Cost savings of single-trading and block trade
  • Investment options including collective funds, separately managed funds and mutual funds
  • In-depth reporting
  • Automated cash management
  • Secure internet services
  • Simplified administration

Benefit Payment

Our experienced relationship managers and proprietary online systems allow us to deliver efficient and reliable benefit payment services for employees, retirees and other designated recipients. Our services and technology allow you to reduce your administrative responsibilities via online inquiry, mailing of 1099Rs to participants and filing of those forms with the IRS at year’s end, and processing of state tax withholding and reporting.

Plan administrators enjoy easy navigation and high protection firewalls for security. They can directly access or update financial and non-financial payment data.

Employee Benefits Collective Funds

Employers today must be more mindful than ever before regarding their responsibility as caretakers of employee retirement funds through pensions and other employee benefit collective funds. To serve the needs of employers, employees and retirees, Key provides a range of diversified, transparent, cost-efficient and professionally managed funds.

We offer a selection of employee benefit collective funds traded through the National Securities Clearing Corp and priced daily. We offer a diversified selection of funds including Stable Value Fixed Income, Convertible and Equity focused funds. Under certain circumstances, our funds are also available to other financial institutions and registered investment advisors that have fiduciary responsibilities for one or more employee benefit trusts and plans.

It’s important to be informed of the risk levels and performance of the funds that will invest your employee retirement dollars. The following includes a selection of informative documents for the suite of KeyBank Employee Benefit Funds.

Annual Reports

Investment Management

Driven by the unique needs of institutional investors, we offer a dedicated investment management platform that balances risk with the need to deliver returns. As a well-capitalized, national financial institution with more than 100 years of experience, we offer flexible investment approaches that match different needs.

Our experienced team follows a consistent, disciplined process to help you determine your priorities, design a custom investment strategy and ultimately, reach your goals. We help build your investment portfolio using a personalized, consultative process that emphasizes both performance and client service recognized throughout the industry.

We serve both balanced portfolios and a structured cash portfolio structures. Under either paradigm, we always customize the solution for your unique needs. Our platform is full-service, and options include:

  • Structured Cash Portfolios
  • Balanced Portfolios
  • Equity Portfolios
  • Other Fixed Income Investments
  • Other Equity Investments

Balanced Portfolios

A portfolio that includes a mix of fixed income and equities investments, a balanced fund is geared toward institutional investors who are looking for a mixture of safety, income and modest capital appreciation. Typically, this approach is ideal for those with total return objectives.

Structured Cash Portfolios

Known for our high-touch client communication approach, our portfolio managers for structured cash relationships seek to realize three primary investment objectives: safety of principal; liquidity; and competitive returns. To achieve liquidity, we typically hold a significant amount of very liquid securities with deep secondary markets.

When we have determined the optimal sectors in which to invest, we then determine the appropriate maturities and credit qualities in which to invest the portfolio. We also invest at points along the yield curve that are expected to generate higher returns, and use carefully researched projections to focus on the most advantageous opportunities.

Federated Funds

Custody & Administrative Services Accounts - Federated Funds Available:

Federated Government Obligations Fund - Institutional Shares

Federated Government Obligations Fund – Premier Shares

Federated Treasury Obligations Fund – Institutional Shares

Corporate Escrow Services Accounts - Federated Funds Available:

Federated Government Obligations Fund - Capital Shares

Federated Treasury Obligations Fund – Capital Shares

Securities Lending

Our philosophy of actively managed accounts coupled with our conservative approach has served our securities lending clients well. Our securities lending program is built on a foundation of an individually tailored, actively managed portfolio for each of our clients. Defined by exceptional client service delivered by an experienced relationship management team, we leverage our industry-leading reporting capabilities and operational flexibility to our client’s advantage by creating profitable opportunities for greater revenue.

Clients value our ability to outperform the competition through our utilization strategy for harder-to-lend asset services classes including U.S. Government Agency debt, U.S. Government Agency MBS/CMO and U.S. Treasury “general collateral” securities, while providing enhanced utilization of all other asset classes.

Our consistent ability to outperform is attributed to:

  • Size – With a concentrated client base, we are able to focus on each individual portfolio in order to assess the utilization of each security and execute a plan to place those assets on loan.
  • Proactive approach – Rather than waiting for borrowers to contact us, we actively reach out to borrowers with our client’s available inventory to determine whether an opportunity exists to place those assets on loan. Greater opportunities equal a greater utilization rate.
  • Investment management expertise – Being part of one of the largest financial services firms in the U.S., we are able to utilize in-house investment expertise required to maximize yield as well as minimize credit and interest rate risk.

Online Access

It’s important to us to keep all parties appropriately informed at all times. To support this financial transparency, we have created online tools that allow you to keep informed regarding your assets held by Key.

Clients can access these online tools here, or you can contact a Key relationship manager to arrange for a demonstration of the technology if you are not yet a client.

Online Tool Access:

  • KeyBank clients can check on assets through KeyLink® . To sign up for KeyLink contact your Relationship Manager.
  • Pension recipients can check on pension payments through Benefit Payments, or by calling 800-962-2149.

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