International Collections

Collecting receivables can carry significant risk in a new market or doing business with a new buyer. Our international specialists help identify the payment collection approach that best fits your business—and your partners. In addition to letters of credit, open account, or cash-in-advance processes, we can also facilitate structured transactions including:

  • Sight Collection (sight draft): Buyer pays their local bank in exchange for documents that allow them to claim purchased goods. Until they make payment, the bank holds both title and physical control of the merchandise.
  • Time Collection (time draft): Time drafts and seller’s shipping documents go through seller’s bank to buyer’s bank outlining delivery terms. Buyer promises their bank they will make a payment in exchange for documents that allow them to take control of the seller’s goods. On the future due date, buyer makes final payment.
  • Clean Collections: The seller presents a bill of exchange, promissory note or other financial documents in demand for prompt payment.