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Key Image Cash Letter

In businesses that process a high volume of checks, check processing can contribute meaningfully to profitability by maximizing liquidity and income. By accessing the collected funds sooner, there is more time to earn interest income.

If your business requires a high volume of check processing, Key Image Cash Letter can help you to:

  • Meet earlier deposit deadlines (improved funds availability)
  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Take advantage of extended deposit windows
  • Consolidate banking relationships and reduce fees
  • Leverage online access to a complete record of deposit activity
  • Accommodate domestic consumer and business checks

Key Image Cash Letter was designed for professional remittance processors using high-speed check scanning and transmission equipment. Our system uses your Image Check Letter (ICL) to make a deposit. In this way, your organization can meet earlier deposit deadlines, view deposit activity online and transmit checks from any U.S. bank.