Key Merchant Services

Retailers know that the ability to accept multiple forms of payment can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. With our merchant services, businesses can conveniently accept multiple payment types, including credit and debit card, gift card and check.

KeyBank provides guidance on options that will be most effective for your business and its customers, including the following:

  • Point of Sale: Enable fast, secure electronic payments at POS terminals using dial up or internet connection.
  • Merchant Accounts: Retailers have specific financial needs, which our accounts are designed to address.
  • E-Check Services: Verify or guarantee checks onsite and convert to electronic deposits for rapid funds access.

Our relationship managers specializing in merchant services can customize solutions including the above, as well as incorporating the following:

  • Electronic Gift Cards: Attract new customers and keep funds secure with gift cards.
  • Reporting Solutions: Conveniently access a record of recent deposits, chargebacks and retrieval requests.
  • Software and Internet solutions: Securely manage credit card solutions from any Internet-enabled computer.
  • Dynamic Currency Conversions: Let international customers pay in their currency, no minimums or fees.