Key Total Treasury


Simplify payroll processes

Prepaid Debit Card

With Key2Payroll, your company can streamline the payroll process while saving money to directly impact your bottom line.

How it works

Instead of paper checks, your employees' money is automatically loaded onto MasterCard® branded prepaid cards. After the initial mailing and activation, cards are reloaded electronically for subsequent payments. See how the Key2Payroll program can help your company.

Employer benefits:

  • Cost reduction, in some cases greater than 90% annually versus checks
  • Improve cash flow and cash control
  • Eliminate costly and cumbersome stop payment activity
  • Reduce fraud losses
  • Provides daily reconciliation along with other weekly and monthly reporting
  • Eliminate lost, stolen, and returned checks
  • Reduce burden of unclaimed funds

Employee benefits:

  • Saves them money by eliminating the high fees associated with check-cashing facilities
  • Faster access and lower fees to get their money
  • Unlimited transactions at retailers across the U.S.
  • 24/7 customer support via or live agent
  • Funds on lost, stolen, or damaged cards are protected
  • Reduce fraud concerns