Key Total Treasury


Account Reconcilement

To help you make check reconcilement more efficient, we offer a system that significantly reduces the end-of-month activities required. Our Account Reconcilement plans provide foundational reporting tools that work with a complete set of disbursement solutions. Used together, we can help you to achieve even greater productivity. Our Accounts Reconcilement function supports activities such as:

  • Confirm payment delivery
  • Automate reconcilement
  • Implement disbursement solutions with professional support
  • Format check issuances (ARP File Translator)
  • Centralize report and check image delivery
  • Reduce fraud-related financial losses (Positive Pay)
  • Integrate Reconcilement with Key Total Treasury®, KeyImage and other image transmission systems

This solution has been recognized for its accuracy consistently. Phoenix-Hecht 2012 Treasury Management Monitor Report awarded our Account Reconcilement function an A+ for the Middle Market sector. Your relationship manager will work with you to develop a plan that best supports your business.