Key Total Treasury


Enterprise Commercial Payments

A holistic approach to payments
The right payments solution could mean many different things to your business: streamlined cash flow, dependable trust management, effective hedges against interest rate moves and international risks. We help you collect funds faster, reduce fraud, optimize payables, process and improve your bottom line through effective funds management.

Designed to help your business meet its goals for growth, efficiency, and risk mitigation, Enterprise Commercial Payments is a set of integrated solutions that includes treasury management, international trade, foreign exchange, merchant services, commercial cards, and institutional asset services.

Our award-winning customer service begins with a seasoned Payments Advisor, who will lead an expert team to customize a unique solution designed for your business. Leveraging the full financial and technological resources of KeyBank, we will help maximize your company’s liquidity, providing the flexibility you need to adapt to changing economic conditions at home and abroad.

Key’s senior professional teams work with a wide variety of organizations across the country, both within and outside of our branch network, including:

  • A brokerage, investments and securities firm moved its wire initiation and other services to Key to achieve greater information security and to use our easy-to-use technology.
  • A County with 117,000 residents recently moved its banking to Key, crediting the technology and service offered by cross-disciplinary teams.
  • An owner and manager of Burger King restaurants recently turned to Key to ensure Automated Clearing House exposure was controlled during the acquisition of 200 new stores, and is now using an expanded set of treasury solutions.
  • A property owner and manager set up a multi-currency account, selected Key to perform currency conversation for a commercial real estate acquisition, then further expanded the banking relationship to include integrated treasury services.
  • A nonprofit community health center recently confirmed a full-service banking and treasury management relationship with Key, citing impressive services on ACH and wire transfer products.