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My name is Jason Celino and I'm the vertical software analyst for KeyBanc.

I cover a sub-sector called vertical software and it kind of ranges between different industries and sub-areas. But essentially, my area of expertise is with the most under digitized, underserved and offline industries.

At the moment, the two biggest areas of my coverage are industrial software and education technology. But my coverage area kind of spans between real estate and other verticals like that.

One area that we see kind of a lot of opportunity over the next five years, really emerging as a new category, is kind of what I call supply chain 2.0 or transportation tech. We all know the supply chain issues that are happening right now: product availability, not having the visibility on where your different shipments are going. And I think what people fail to realize is the logistics industry is one of the biggest parts of the economy, which means the supply chain shortages are being felt kind of everywhere.

So we've seen actually a lot of funding fall into the transit tech supply chain space. So I do think over the next five years, that's going to be one of the biggest new categories of software.

So when I think about the next 10 years I certainly think it's gonna be a much more digital world than we have now. It's just we still have a lot of, call it industries where we don't have a lot of digitization. So in construction and education and even transportation, these are trillion dollar industries that are still under digitized and really only digitized by 1- 2%. So there’s still meaningful runway there. So over the next 10 years, I would expect a lot of innovation to happen.

If I had a billboard in Times Square, I'd put ‘don't take for granted the sun and nice weather’. I live in Portland and it rains like 300 days a year.

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"The logistics industry is one of the biggest parts of the economy…so I do think over the next five years that’s going to be one of the biggest new categories in software." Jason Celino, KeyBanc Capital Markets

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