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1.1 Overview

The KeyNavigator Message Center is designed to provide you with account activity and transaction alerts, when and how you need them. You can choose to receive Alerts via email or via SMS/Text message.

You can choose to receive some alerts by email and others via SMS/Text message. You can even choose to receive Alerts (i.e. high priority alerts) via both email and SMS/Text message. You can configure each Alert individually.

You also have the ability to set “quiet times” for SMS/Text messages as well as suspend both email and SMS/Text messages when you are out of the office. Alerts are always retained in Message History for you to view upon your return or when your designated quiet time ends.

1.2 Alert Catalog

The KeyNavigator Message Center currently has three categories (types) of alerts.

Account Activity:

  • Available Balance
  • Book Transfer Completed
  • Check Returned Due to Insufficient Funds
  • Deposit Completed
  • Intraday Credit Detail Available
  • Intraday Detail Available
  • Opening Available Balance
  • Stop Payment Expiring
  • Stop Payment Placed


  • Customer Activity Report (CAR) Available for Review
  • ACH Exposure
  • ACH Return Item Posted
  • Incoming ACH Received


  • Incoming Wire Received
  • Outgoing Wire Requires Authorization
  • Outgoing Wire Sent
  • Outgoing Wire Voided
  • Pre-Cutoff – Wires Requiring Authorization