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5.1 Add User

  1. Click the Add User button from the User listing on the Self Service Home page to add a new KeyNavigator user to your company.
  2. Once the user is created, you can add/remove service access to applicable accounts/modules in KeyNavigator.

    Add User

  3. Enter the required and optional information, a temporary password for the new user; choose access time and click Save.
  4. Copy available access settings from any other user in your company using the Copy User Access From dropdown menu.

    Add User

5.2 Add Account

To add a new company account on KeyNavigator, click the Add Account button from the Account listing on the Self Service Homepage. Once the account is created, you can add/remove service access to applicable users/modules in KeyNavigator.

Enter the required information and click Save. Account must be a valid Key DDA account.

Add Account

5.3 Remove Users or Accounts

On the Self Service Home page, click the red X button by the corresponding user or account you wish to remove. Hover over the blue “I” information icon to view the reason some users or accounts are not permitted to be removed via Self Service.

Remove Users or Accounts