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Secondary Authorization

Your company may require secondary authorization on changes that are made via the Self Service application. Secondary authorization is available on the following Self Service functions:
• Add User
• Reset Password
• Edit Services - ACH
• Edit Services - Account Management
You can designate any users in your company as originators or approvers. To request this service, please contact your Treasury Service Payments Advisor.
7.1 Submit Request
If your company has secondary authorization for a service, you will see a message indicating the function will be locked until approved/rejected. You can reject requests you have submitted but you may only approve requests submitted by other originators in your company.
7.2 Approve/Reject Request
All open requests will appear on the Self Service Homepage in the ‘Maintenance Queue’ panel.
1. Click the ‘Action’ hyperlink to view details of the request. If you have approval access, you can approve/reject any requests.
2. Check the applicable request, and select ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’.
3. You may reject any items you requested before they have been reviewed by an approver.
4. List is displayed oldest to newest. However, you may sort any column by clicking on the column heading hyperlink.