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Secondary Authorization

Optional Secondary Authorization

Your company may elect to have secondary (or dual) authorization on edits that are submitted via Self Service for the following Self Service functions:

  • Add User
  • Reset Password
  • Edit ACH Services
  • Edit Fraud & Transaction Services (Account Services)

Users with the Secondary Approver role can authorize or reject edits submitted by Maintenance users.

To request secondary authorization for one or more of these functions, please contact your Payments Advisor.

Note: Dual authorization is required for specific services including wires so Key recommends at least one Secondary Approver be assigned.

Required Secondary Authorization – Wires

Due to the sensitivity of wire capabilities, all wire maintenance submitted through Self Service require secondary authorization by a Self Service Secondary Approver before the changes will be processed. 

What does this mean?

If your company has KeyNavigator Wires, there must be a minimum of two different Self Service users enabled: at least one user with the “Maintenance” role to submit edits; and at least one additional user with the “Secondary Approver” role to authorize edits 

Note: Maintenance users cannot authorize their own wire edits even if they have the Secondary Approver role

Don’t want secondary authorization for Self Service Wire Maintenance?

If your company would like to submit wire maintenance digitally via Self Service without secondary authorization, you can opt-out by having an Authorized Signer execute an agreement. To request this, contact the EP Client Management Team at or (844) 539-1041, Option #5.

Submitting Edits for Approval

If your company has secondary authorization for a service, you will see a message indicating the function will be locked until approved/rejected. Maintenance users can reject their own edits but only Secondary Approvers can decision edits submitted by Maintenance users. 

Note: Maintenance users cannot authorize their own wire edits even if they have the Secondary Approver role

How to Approve or Reject Pending Edits

Pending edits can be approved or rejected in three places: 

  • KeyNavigator Dashboard – Items to Approve
  • Self Service Homepage – Maintenance Queue
  • KeyNavigator Mobile Website – Self Service

The Maintenance Queue on the Self Service Homepage is listed by submission date (oldest to newest). You may re-sort by Date, Action, Originator, or User by clicking on the column headers. To approve pending edits from the Self Service Homepage: 

  1. All open requests will appear on the Self Service Homepage in the Maintenance Queue section
  2. Click the Action hyperlink to view details of the request
  3. Go back to the Self Service Homepage, check the applicable request, and select approve or reject