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2.1 Streamlined Experience

  • One Screen Shows All – Sending or retrieving files is integrated with file status and history reporting. You do not have to go to a separate report menu to obtain file information.
  • File Retention – Files that have been sent or retrieved can be downloaded for 45 days. A File History (records of sent/retrieved files) is available for 180 days.
  • Exchange Test Files – Separate screens / tabs are used to send and/or retrieve files during the onboarding process for new files. Test environments are not connected to production systems.

2.2 Manage Access

  • User Entitlements – Users can be entitled to send and/or retrieve specific file types.
  • Confidential Files – Users who are sending confidential files can mark the file as ‘Confidential.’ This will prevent other users with access to that file type from downloading or viewing the contents of the file.
  • Audit Trail – Full audit details are provided. User information and date/time details are provided for both sending and retrieving files.