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Electronic Payment Authorization (EPA)

4.1 Overview of EPA

Electronic Payment Authorization (EPA), provided via ACH Direct, is comprised of two primary components:

  1. Event-based email notifications are sent to each designated individual for the account(s) which they are set up for. Some examples of email events are receipt of an authorized transaction, receipt of a transaction without authorization, and actions taken on rejected transactions.
  2. ACH Direct (accessible through KeyNavigator) enables authorized individuals to decision pending transactions, search and manage existing authorization records, and create new authorization records.

By default, you will be set up so that ACH debits attempting to post to your account are blocked. If there are trading partners who are authorized to debit your account, you may create an authorization online through ACH Direct. This will allow their debits to successfully post to your account without intervention.

Dual Verification for EPA Authorizations and Reject Decisioning is available as an added control to EPA decisioning. It is recommended you have at least six (6) users with access to leverage the use of dual to ensure items can be approved in a timely fashion.

4.2 ACH Direct Email Notifications

Once the EPA service is activated, users will receive event triggered email notifications. Each notification type is assigned a number, making it easy for you to identify the type of notification and any action that may be required. Email notifications can be suppressed per users desired.

4.3 EPA – Authorizations

Authorizations are pre-approved debits from vendors or trade partners your organization has authorized to debit. Establishing authorizations in advance will prevent items from needing decisioning. Authorizations also prevent items authorized from being erroneously returned in the event users failed to take action in a timely fashion.

  1. From the ACH Direct Main Menu, click EPA, and then click Authorizations.

    EPA Authorizations

  2. Click Add.

    EPA Authorizations

  3. Select the account number for which you will create an authorization.

    Reject Decisioning Confirm

  4. Enter the required data as described below, then click Save.
    1. Authorization Date Range
      1. Begin Date – The date the authorization will become active
      2. Expiration Date – The date the authorization record will expire or will be considered inactive
      3. No End Date – If the authorization does not have an end date, check the box that states “No Authorization End Date Specified”.
    2. Maximum Amount – The maximum amount of the transaction(s) that can be authorized using this authorization record
    3. Specific Amount – The specific amount of the transaction(s) that can be authorized using this authorization record
    4. Transaction Type – Checking Debit.
    5. How many transactions should be accepted with this Authorization?
      1. Single Use – To authorize only a single transaction, this value should be set to 001.
      2. Specific Number of Transactions – Enter the specific number of transactions that should be authorized. For example, if the user wants to authorize 10 transactions, this value should be set to 010.
      3. Unlimited – To indicate that an unlimited number of transactions should be authorized, this value should be left blank.
    6. Company ID – The Company ID of the transaction Originator
    7. Company Name – The name of the company originating the transaction.

      NOTE: ACH Direct does not support the use of special characters such as &, @, #, etc. in the company name field.

      EPA Authorizations Details

  5. Confirmation of the EPA Authorization added successfully will be displayed.

    EPA Authorization Confirmation

4.4 Changing an Authorization

  1. From the ACH Direct Main Menu, click EPA. Click on Authorizations.

    EPA Menu

  2. To change an authorization, select the radio button next to the desired authorization and click Modify from the Search Results screen.

    EPA Authorization Modify

  3. Change the fields which must be modified and click Save. When modifying an authorization, you must select the authorization start date to be current date.

    EPA Authorization Modify Details

  4. Once completed, confirmation of the modification will be provided.

    EPA Authorization Modification Confirmation

4.5 Deleting an Authorization

  1. From the ACH Direct Main Menu, click EPA. Select Authorizations.
  2. To remove, select the desired authorization using radio button and click Delete.

    EPA Menu

  3. Click OK to delete the authorization.

    Delete Alert

  4. Once completed, confirmation of the delete will be provided.

    Delete Alert

4.6 Exporting Authorizations

All authorizations added to ACH Direct can be exported for review. Click on the Export function located to the right of the view icon. File will be downloaded and can be formatted and saved on your organization’s desktops or servers.

Exporting Authorizations

4.7 Reject Decisioning

Anytime an email is received advising of a pending entry, you will log into ACH Direct and make a decision to allow the particular transaction to be posted or returned.

There are three options available:

  1. Accept – Allows entry to post to the intended account on the evening of the indicated return date
  2. Refuse – Transaction will be returned to the Originator on the evening of the indicated return date.
  3. Pending – A final decision is not known at this time. You have until 7:00 p.m. ET on the indicated return date to make a decision regarding the transaction. If no decision is made by that time, the transaction will be returned.

Some important tips regarding the decisioning of transactions:

  • Decisioning may only be performed until 7:00 p.m. ET on the indicated return date.
  • When selecting Accept a user is indicating that the transaction should be posted to the intended account and there will be no further review of authorization records.
  • During the acceptance process, users will be given the option to update an existing authorization to ensure future transactions are authorized when received.
  • If the detail item is rejected because no authorization record was located, users will be given the option to create an authorization for future transactions from the same Originator. Doing so will prevent future transactions from rejecting.
  • If you determine the entry should be returned, select the Refuse option and the item will be returned on the evening of the indicated return date.

Reject Decisioning

  1. From the ACH Direct Main Menu, click EPA.

    EPA Menu

  2. Click Reject Decisioning under the EPA menu.
  3. The result will be a listing of the rejected transactions which require action. To refuse or accept a particular reject, click on the radio button next to the desired selection and choose Refuse Selected or Accept Selected.

    Reject Decisioning

  4. Once completed, confirmation of the chosen action will be provided.

    NOTE: When accepting a transaction, the message “Would you like to add an authorization for future transactions?” will appear. For instructions on adding an EPA authorization, please see Section 4: EPA Add (Adding an Authorization).

    Reject Decisioning Confirm