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Check Issue History

The Check Issue History Report provides a listing of adds and cancels entered via KeyNavigator, along with their status, the time/date of entry and the user that created the entry.

NOTE: Checks that were added or cancelled via other means, such as faxing a request to the ARP department, will not appear on the Check Issue History Report.

4.1 To access the check history listing

  1. Select Check Issue History from the Account Reconcilement main page.

    Check Issue History Nav

  2. Use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate account from which the new check has been issued. Click Next.

    Check Issue History Account Filter

    Check Issue History Filter

  3. Enter a beginning check number in the From field.
  4. Enter an ending check number in the To field. (Optional)
  5. Enter a minimum and maximum dollar amount.
  6. Utilize the dropdown menus to enter an issue/cancel date range.
  7. To further limit results, choose to Apply advanced search criteria to show additional fields. (Optional)
    • Input payee data included on the entry.
    • Input other data included on the entry.
  8. Select Cancel to return to the Check Issue History Account Filter screen. Select Download to download the listing in an Excel format. Select View to display the results.
  9. If View is selected, the Check Issue History Listing will be displayed. You can sort results by column heading by clicking on the up and down arrows. You can also limit results further by clicking on the Filter button to return to the Check Issue History Filter screen and apply additional parameters. Selecting Unfilter will return you to the original results. Results can also be downloaded and saved by selecting Download. To return to the Account Reconcilement page, select Main Page.

    Check Issue History