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Section 5

Authorizing Transactions and Templates

Secondary authorization for Key Total Treasury-initiated wires is based at the user level. Limits are set per account. You can select secondary authorization for Key Total Treasury wires by completing the Payment Authorization form. Contact your Treasury Services Payments Advisor to set up wire entitlements.

Key Total Treasury wires can require up to two additional approvals after the wire is initiated before funds are released.

Wires awaiting secondary approval will not be processed. They will be held in a queue, pending approval, until 5:30 p.m. ET on the requested date of transmission. The Wire Department does not have the capability to release transfers that have not been authorized by the second approver because these wires do not leave Key Total Treasury.

Templates require a secondary approval before they are eligible for use. All templates must be approved by a second user before they can be utilized. Templates require an additional approval because clients often set higher approval limits for repetitive transactions.

5.1 Approving Wires

To approve wires click on the “Wire” tab. Select “Authorize Transactions”. Note that approval can be completed via KTT Mobile also.

You can filter the transactions to search for specific wires. Click on “Filter” and enter the filter parameters. Click “View”.

From the Authorize Transactions screen you can select ALL via the check box at the top of the Authorize select/unselect column or select an individual item by checking its box.

Click “Authorize Selected Payments”. An “Approval” screen will display the selected items. Select “Accept” to continue or “Cancel” to stop the approval process.

If you selected “Accept” a “Confirmation” screen will report the status of the authorized transactions. In this example the highlighted transaction must be approved by a third user before the wire will release.

5.2 Approving Templates

To approve templates click on the “Wire” tab. Select either “Authorize Templates”.

NOTE: Approval can be completed via KTT Mobile also.

Click on the template number you wish to approve. View the details.

Select “Authorize”. A “Confirmation” screen will display the template with the status of “Authorized”.

5.3 Viewing the Template Listing – Edit, Delete, Approve

To view a list of templates click on the “Wire” tab. Select “Template Listing”. If needed, apply a filter to locate a specific template. Click on a template number to review the details.

From the detailed template screen you can:

Edit” – Make changes and click Next. “Accept” the changes on the review screen. A “confirmation” screen will display the template with the status of “Authorization Required”. Any edits made to existing templates requires a secondary approval.

Void” – Click “Void” to delete a template from the listing. To Complete the void click “Accept”, the confirmation screen will show a status of Void. To cancel deleting the template click “Cancel”.

Authorize” – After you click “Authorize” you will receive a “Confirmation” screen with a status of Authorized.