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1.1 Overview

Thank you for choosing Key Capture, Key’s automated deposit solution that bypasses the traditional paper check payment system.

Key Capture uses a PC, a check scanner, and a high-speed Internet connection to scan and capture the front and back images of checks and MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) data. The check images and MICR data files are encrypted and then transmitted to Key via the Internet to be processed and deposited into your checking account.

NOTE: If you currently have a remote deposit capture solution from another financial institution installed on your PC, installing a second remote deposit capture solution, such as Key Capture, may disrupt or disable this installed solution. Key cannot offer technical support for issues which may result from multiple remote deposit solutions installed on a PC. You should install only one remote deposit solution on a given PC.

1.2 Icons

Tip – This icon represents a helpful tip when using Key Capture.

1.3 Contact us

For assistance with Key Capture, please contact us toll-free at 866-886-0848. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. ET.

1.4 Important KeyBank Policy Information

1.4.1 User Access & Password Policy

All Key Capture users are to be set up with a unique username and password. Individual Key Capture users should not share their username and password with any other users. If a user with KeyNavigator® Single Sign On needs their password reset they may use the following options:

  • Clicking on the forgot password link on the KeyNavigator logon page
  • Contacting your company administrator via self-service within KeyNavigator
  • Contacting Commercial Banking Services at 1-800-539-9039, Option 1

If any Key Capture user leaves your company or should no longer have access to Key Capture, please promptly notify your Payments Advisor in order to remove access for that user. Usernames and passwords should not be ‘gifted’ or transitioned to new users once a user no longer needs access to Key Capture. A new username and password should be created for each new user.

1.4.2 Check Retention, Storage & Destruction Policy

According to the terms of the Key Capture agreement, you are required to maintain a policy and process related to the secure retention and destruction of processed checks. While you should develop a process and standard that makes sense for your business, Key recommends the following:

  • A 30- to 60-day retention period (in our experience, 99% of returned items occur within 30 days).
  • While Key Capture assists in identifying items which have not been scanned correctly due to poor image quality; there is always a small chance that an item may be returned to Key by another financial institution.
  • You should weigh the risk and cost associated with secure check retention against the risks and costs related to items returned for poor image quality.

1.4.3 Remote Deposit Site Assessment Policy

According to the terms of the Key Capture agreement, Key maintains the right to perform a site assessment for any client’s remote deposit location(s) to ensure compliance with Key standards for remote deposit locations. Such a site assessment may be performed in person or remotely, and is at the discretion of Key. Key maintains the right to deactivate all Key Capture services if no response is provided to our phone and or email attempts during the audit process.

1.4.4 Service Levels/Deadlines

MICR data and image files of checks should be received by Key no later than 11:00 p.m. ET for same-day credit of deposit.

  • Files sent/received after this deadline will be processed for deposit on the next business-banking day.
  • For weekends, holidays and non-business banking days, files need to be received by the cut-off time on the next business-banking day.