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Returned Item Services will allow you to handle deposited items that have been denied by the financial institution from which the items have been drawn.

Primary goals in managing returned items include:

  • Identifying the maker of a bad check
  • Preventing additional bad checks from being accepted
  • Improving the speed and efficiency of the collection process
  • Minimizing fraud losses

Return services can be used in three main ways:

  • Select an option to re-deposit return item (up to two times) for additional collection efforts, or have these charged back to the deposit account and undertake your own collection effort.
  • Select the appropriate notification channel from a variety of options: KeyNavigatorSM, email, transmissions, fax, mail, or phone.
  • Select an option to centralize all returns through Key and benefit from unique special handling instructions to process all returned items.

KeyNavigator is your primary tool to view return activity. Returned items and advices for the current business day are available after 3 PM (EST).