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KeyNavigator Information Reporting FAQ

The Reporting and Research section of KeyNavigator provides a variety of reports and statements that help clients manage their business better every day. The following report categories are available within the Information Reporting section. A few of the reports included in each category are listed below; a complete list of reports by category is available in the Information Reporting User Guide:

  • Standard Reports – Previous Day and IntraDay reports / BAI2 file downloads
  • Customer Statements – Commercial Bank Statements / Account Analysis Statements / EDI 822
  • Other Reports – Credit and Investment Sweep reports / ZBA reporting / Wire reporting
  • ACH Reports – ACH activity reports / EDI Remittance reporting / EPA reports

Most reports have a retention period of 180 days. Corporate Bank Statements are retained for 24 months. A few select reports have a rolling 12-month history. A complete list of all reports and their retention periods is available in the Information Reporting User Guide.

Yes. You can create custom Previous Day and IntraDay reports by using date, account, and transaction filters. You can use these filter criteria to create your own series of reports – and still maintain access to the “standard” reports.

No. Users are not able to share a custom report they have created with other users at the same company.

No. You only have access to reports that your Company Administrator has granted you access to. Reports that your company has not subscribed to will be greyed out. Please contact your Company Administrator if you are interested in a report not currently active for your company. Additional fees will apply for a report your company is not currently subscribed to.

Yes. Additional users can be added to reports your company has subscribed to. They can be added by your Company Administrator, if your company has Self Service administration capabilities. Please contact your Payments Advisor if your company does not have Self Service.

Yes, reports in Information Reporting can be downloaded in a variety of file formats as shown in the chart below:

Report Data